341 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M5S

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I want to rent a 1 bedroom in 341 boor street west starting May 2016, can some one tell me how to rent it? Or anyone have a room available, please contact me, thank you!

[email protected]

Does anyone know Wilfred, Yo Bobby and/or Raymond Cseda? I am desperately trying to locate them>

2014: Horrific infestation of bedbugs which started in the bedroom and spread to the closets and almost everything in the living room. Finally got rid of them, although they come in from between the walls where they are safe from pesticides and they return after spraying before three months is up. I'm moving out in a week, before they come back. Nice location, but it isn't worth being tormented by bloodsucking bedbugs.

I lived in this building in 2011-2012. There were really serious bedbug issue in this building. When I first moved in, a guy from the same floor warned me that this building is full of pets (bedbugs, mouse and cockroach). My apartment got cockroach 2 months after I moved in and got bedbugs in 2012. My friend is also living there and she has bedbug issues as well. I also asked the super about whether the building has mouse issues. He checked the wall close to the heat of my apartment and said as

long as there's no holes on the wall, the mouse should not be able to get into my apartment...

I understand that this building is really affordable considering the location. But I sincerely recommend people to avoid this building. The pet issue is severe.

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Angelica Zhou, I am looking for you. Your mon has hidden you away in Canada. This is your dad.
I believe I will find you soon. Tell your mom to give you my phone number, so we can talk.
I have always....and will always love you,
Your Dad

I reported a problem with bedbugs in my unit and the pest control guy said i wasn't ready and call to super when I was. i've dealt with this problem before but don't know how the bugs are getting into the apartment. I keep my place clean and tidy but still I have the problem. Management isn't reporting the problem of bedbug infestations in this building comnplex. I thought management needs to report any bedbug problems in this building. it's sad when we pay so much for an apartment and they

don't do anything about it. I also reported about seeing a mouse, they said they sprayed but i still kept seeing a mouse until I bought a mouse trap and caught the mouse. It shouldn't have to be this way. I'm looking for another apartment to move into because this place sucks like hell. it's like living in squallor and they don't care at all. 01/11/2012

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This OLD building has a lot of units that have the bedbugs. My friend's unit found out bedbugs few months ago and reported to their office. The action was too slow. Sprayed several times already & don't know if the bugs will return or not. Mice & cockroaches also rampant all around the building. I don't know why the management doesn't do anything for the whole building. It is very important to avoid the other units to be affected.

Management of this building is VERY POOR and NEVER get any IM


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I am sorry to use this as a searching for.. mechanism. I am trying any way poosible to reach someone. I am looking for Ying Zhou. Also known as Melinda.
She used to live with her parents in this building. I guess 905 would be a unit number. Her parents might still live here.
I live in California, and can not travel right now. Please e-mail me if you know anything.
[email protected] I would apreciate the good deed
Mark T. Pasadena Ca.

This place is fuckin shitty. I keep my room clean and neat. But a few bedbugs manage to crawl into my room, probably from neighbouring. After i got repetivie bites, i decide to take action, asking Toronto Housing to kill begbugs. It took them 2 weeks to come. However, with such shitty environment and people's unwareness of begbugs, this problem will come to you soon or later. Donot fucken move in! Go rent decent apartments. The money and time you will spend on begbugs are enough to pay you a goo

d living environment.

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I moved out this building earlier this summer due to the bedbug issue.

The unit next to mine got FULLY infected. yes, i mean FULLY. the old lady didn't know about this, and just keep sleeping on the floor until she got wheeled to hospital. no one knows about this problem until the lady keep staying in the hospital to aviod coming back. the pest company came and found gerenations of live bedbugs in her unit.

I found 2 live ones in my unit. i freaked out. the rental office is not helpful at

all. keep going back and forth, they keep saying i am telling a lie. Come on, i thought Toronto Co-op Housing is part of City of Toronto.

they arrange sprays in both of the unit , and i can still found 1 live bug after the second spray.

I took 3 weeks off from work to try to find a new place and move. throw out all the bed , chair , everything. Send all my clothes to dry clean which cost me almost $1000.

I think other than it is costly ( buying all new bed and stuff ), it is more like the mental torture.

After one week i moved, i heard that new tentant moved in .... good luck with that ~!

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Senator Croll Bldg has always struggled with cockroach problems which the Toronto Housing Company has never been able to solve ...and now there are several apartments with bedbugs.

Furthermore, disposed items (furniture, mattresses etc.) are not tagged as being infested and so some people take items from the garbage and bring them into their own apartments!

a lot of bed bugs here, its hard to kill them, even you sprayed , they will return again, don't move to here!

I'm finally moving out after repeated bedbug infestations. The administration is slow to act and some tenants seem to be fine living with the pests... meaning they take forever to get the suites sprayed. Meanwhile, they spread to the neighbouring units and there's nothing you can do about it.

DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! SO many bedbugs in various units--sprayed several times and they always return because the building is so poorly managed.

Mice and cockroaches also rampant.

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