222 Lippincott St
Toronto, ON M5S

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I didn't even know there was a report with this house until I googled this address to see what grocery stores were in the area. This was the first site on the list! Which is funny, because I've been on here a lot lately as I'm looking for my own apartment in the city.

I've been visiting with friends for the past couple of days and apparently there were bed bugs here before my friends moved in! The house was fumigated three times before October '11 to get rid of them. It's safe to say the ho

use is clean and there are no more bed bugs.

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My roomate back in December had an issue with bed bugs. He called a pest control and they took care of it. However my other roomate in the second floor started to have the same problem and her parents help her clean the whole room. Now June, 6thI have the same problem and I did the same thing and the bed bugs are still in. I think this is a problem with the house and the landlord does not take care of it even though we have tried to talked to him.

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