1055 Bay St
Toronto, ON M5S

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We noticed the serious cockroach problem in Unit #2107
on the first day we moved in, the owner put some cans to cover the bug area and lied to us he didn't know bug problem and refused to do anything until the condo building manger demand him to pay the cost. We are still suffering bugs after Several times of Bedbug Exterminator ,some bugs even hide in baseboard along wall.we had to throw away a lots of food during those days.

Today I moved into a unit on 27th, there are hundreds cockroaches all around kitchen and rooms, I once asked the agent before signed the lease paper, he said he didn't know that. I took a lesson.

I'm going to jump in this building. For fear of the bed bugs I've searched a lot information about bed bugs around downtown building, you know what? It is almost happened every building ! I was in two minds whether to move in .
Anyone has further Informatio about bed bugs in this building?
It will be a great pleasure if someone can share this information .

I had bed bugs for a while in our small suite at 1055 and they sprayed twice but the bugs came back (pesky little buggers) but if you use the powder they disappear. That's what my boyfriend suggested and he was absolutely right, I havent' seen a single one or a single bite since I used it. You can get it at Canadian Tire for about $10 totally worth it

Can someone please provide an update? What floor, what happened etc?

What floor?

What floor?

Severe bedbug infestation in August 2010. Caught from neighbours and building did not inform us.

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