964 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5R

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964A Bathurst Street above the old Black Rooster Restaurant. Formerly managed by the lovely Devi Polyak and her son Neil. Building repossessed by angry Greet former landlord and his 2 sons, building gutted, fixed and yet, due to transient nature of tenants...in and out so many...no surprise of bedbug situation.I feel sorry for the tenants. I wonder if that old bat is still there who wraps her human feces in newspaper?

964 Bathurst
Bedbug pest control service was perform from end of September 2011 till beginning of November 2011. The property is free of bedbugs and inspected by the Health department.

Still has bedbugs! Landlord did not tell me when I was moving in, another person living there told me luckily for me as I was moving in.

Yep, I rented a room as well for January 2010 and when I arrived. the first night I saw one bedbug. I have never seen one and wasn't aware of what it was, so I didn't take action.

One week later I realized what they where (because of the many bites that I had) so I complain to the landlord and she assure me that it was the first time she heard about that. Well I now I know it wasn't the first time.

rented room only to find out it was infested with bed bugs,was told by other tenants that has been on going problem and that owners are slum lords,summer 2008.

The building is infested,landlords do not tell perspective renters,

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