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I have been living on the 6th floor of the building for the past half-year. When I moved in, there was something happening between the landlords, and the landlord I had been contacting had moved out of the apartment. I don't think anyone knew that I was moving in that day. The floors had been cleaned and waxed, but the main kitchen appliances were all pulled out, the bathroom was a mess and looked like it hadn't been flushed in months. I think they usually make sure everything is clean for you w

hen you move in, but because of the landlords switching it might have caused some confusion.
Living here has been nice, the area around here is beautiful with lots of residential areas and bloor/Koreatown/Chinatown right nearby. The Metro nearby is nice too. The TTC literally underneath is a huge bonus and makes the location very convenient. Living on the west-facing side has it's ups and downs, sunsets are amazing, but in the summer your apartment gets very hot in the afternoon.
The downsides: The roach problem. I have never had a problem in any place I've lived before (and I had a basement apartment before), but my apartment has a bad problem. During the night hours, roaches are all over my sink and live in the back of my oven. I continue to keep my apartment clean and use a few remedies to keep them at bay, but they were here before I moved in. I heard from one of the ladies in the building that a few years prior a couple lived in my apartment and lived in filth, causing the roaches. The lady down the hall from me has no problems at all with bugs, along with a few other people in different apartments, but I hear mixed reviews. It might be inevitable because of the apartments age and being right above the subway. It all seems to depend on which apartment you get.
As for spraying for roaches, another tenant said I should contact the exterminator myself since the landlord will never get around to spraying. I keep the problem under control for now and plan to move into another unit that is roach free. Hopefully the landlord will spray the apartment once I am moved out with my pet cats.

Fire alarms happen once every month or so, usually from someone cooking. Also, I've never had any issues with the mail here, no one has been stealing my mail (it's happened to me before, ugh.) Price is reasonable as well, I live in a bachelor apt for $1050 that I share with my boyfriend. Apartments are pet friendly as well and have pigeon netting, so if you have cats they can come outside with you.

The landlord is actually quite nice if you stay on her good side and seems like she is a hard worker.
Otherwise, the tenants are friendly and it does sound like people move in and out very frequently, but I personally have had no issues. The basement is scary though, the laundry room is very creepy.

Would rate 8/10

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The crazy old lady and her alcoholic chain smoking brother in Apt 1004 (Barbara and Ross) have had cockroaches and bed bugs since they moved in, and she repeatedly denies there is a problem. Management has sprayed – but they haven’t done enough to stop it.

Apt 1002 had to move out early summer 2015 after spraying again and again didn’t get rid of them. They had to throw most of their belongings in the garbage. Somebody else threw out their mattress recently and spray

painted in big letters – ROACH CITY – and can you believe the dirty old mattress sat behind the building for almost 3 weeks?

I now have to move out of Apt 1006 in a few days, and throw away thousands of dollars worth of furniture. I don’t know what belongings I can risk taking with me. THESE BED BUGS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!

It’s bad enough if it is just bed bugs OR cockroaches – but BOTH? Cockroaches keep coming through the wall from 1004, no matter what I do to try to kill them. They come out the electrical outlets. I worry about taking anything with me because the other day I saw a cockroach on the wall near the elevator. Can I even get my things out of the building past 1004 without more cockroaches crawling inside? I guess I can’t trust setting the boxes down in the elevator.

Why is nobody doing anything about this woman? She wanders up and down the hallway arguing with herself, and any time someone walks down the hallway she rattles the chain lock on her door and comes storming out into the hallway to see who is there.

Her brother tries to hide his gin bottles in with his household garbage – but he’s not fooling anybody. Too bad you can smell the reek of cigarettes off Ross from 30 feet away – and Barbara smells like poo. Someone really should tell her it’s time to change her adult diaper.

Maybe we should feel sorry for both of them – but they are making the whole tenth floor unlivable. Apt 1001 has tried to seal their door to the hallway to keep the bugs out – but they shouldn’t have to live like that.

When is building management finally going to do enough to fix this ongoing problem?

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I lived here from April 2014 to Oct 2015. For the first 6 months I had no problems. I love the location, my balcony and my view, and the new cabinetry in the kitchen. The super at the time responded to my maintenance requests immediately and things were done soon after.

About 6 months ago or so, I saw a cockroach. I didn't know that's what it was until I saw them consistently at night when I would turn on the light and they would scurry off the kitchen counter. I put in a request to be spra

yed which was done, but not two of the other requests I made. The cockroaches did not go away, and got worse, to the point the I was brushing my teeth in the morning and one crawled from behind the faucet and I jumped, or a few days ago during my move out that a huge one was just hanging out on my couch in the middle of the day not afraid of me.

I put in another request a few months ago, and my apartment was not sprayed until I had to follow up asking why it was not done. I also requested they spray the whole building since my apartment is not the only problem and can't be where they are coming from since I keep my apartment extra clean especially after seeing them. They again, only sprayed my apartment, which did absolutely nothing. I haven't been living there since in fear that I would wake up with one in my bed since I lived in a bachelor.

This move has been terrible as I have to check every single thing I move completely to ensure I don't bring any cockroaches to my new place. Not fun.

I would recommend this building for the location, storage space in the apartment, and balcony, but I would not recommend it at all in regards to timely maintenance requests, cockroaches (thank god no bed bugs), and frequent rent increases. Also, I had to use a space heater during the winter because the heaters do not work well.

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I'm a student who moved in Oct 2014. I often google restaurants and stuff and saw my building and can comment The location being the Annex is safe and clean and not being from Toronto works really well for me and think in my opinion, is the best area to live in the city. The building is maybe 50 years old but the super who has been there a few years is a real toughie who runs the building like a ship; I like her and feel comfortable living here. I have no problems with bugs and repairs are add

ressed, The location again is great for transit and food but you need tokens for the subway in the underground ( below the building) unless you travel to the Spadina/bloor intersection

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I too, live in the building and was told by a fellow neighbour what some degenerate put on the site. Debbie , and I hope she reads this, is sweet , forthright and an incredibly animated friendly person who has always taken care of any issues during my four year stay here, The building manager , even though , she is relatively new is approachable and helpful and this is my last year( going back west) want to thank Debbie for all her help and hope she ignores such idiotic infantile diatribes as


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To the LOSER using the foul sexist language...were you raised by uneducated cave dwellers.
Jeeesh I am so happy that I live nowhere near such an obvious woman hating phyco.

I have been here for 6 years and have dealt with Debbie every month ( I pay my rent at the main office) and she is always engaging and find the previous entry degrading and sexist and obviously this mean spirited person has an agenda. Debbie has always treated me fairly and taking care of any issues; even though I deal directly with the manager ( super) in the building and too has been satisfactory. The building was built I assume in the 60's and is maintained too, satisfactory and this per

son should reserve such filth to the mirror he looks into every morning.

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Debbie is a cunt slum lord who exists exclusively to put you on hold. Seriously, the entire property is somehow even more ratchet as that old thieving hag (I know you're reading this you sad, pathetic monster). I'm pretty sure I got gonorrhoea just talking to her.

I'm personally filing a T6 against them (basically suing them) as soon as I get out of here and get their reference for my new place.

I've had homeless people trying to break in, co

ckroaches (Not just Debbie), major flooding, and a never ending charade of promises of repairs that will never, EVER happen.

I would literally burn this place down as a favour to all future residents if I could get away with it.

Wynn Family Properties has been the bane of my existence here in Toronto.

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I lived there for 8 months.

In the winter, it is freezing cold! You almost need a ski mask at night. Then, you'd like to take a shower and the water is cold as well!

I only saw one cockroach during my stay (I'd expect more from a building like this).

When I sublet my apartment, they charged me 500$, which is illegal and they don't care (thieves!).

Avoid :-)

Beware of fake positive reviews on this website!

Suddenly in the last 5 months or so there are a bunch of posts here that I'll betcha anything are written by the landlord (or someone he paid to create them) that say there are no bedbugs here.

Before this period there were not posts that rave about how great the location is and how nice the super is, etc. (Maybe the superintendent wrote the multiple glowing reviews about how nice the building superintendent is.) (If you read the posts car

efully - you may notice similar grammar among several postings - and check out the postings for 66 Spadina Road (owned by the same landlord).

But don't let the positive "advertisements" push the posts about bed bugs off the top of this list. I've seen the exterminators here about 7 times in the last 4 months, and I've been told there is a bed bug infestation in the penthouse, and several apartments at the south end of the 10th floor have been sprayed for bugs (one of those apartments has been sprayed at least 5 times.)

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No bed bugs at all, but I suggest people stay away from markets; my friend who lived in the beaches had brought them in ; so I suggest one should be careful where they shop.

I have lived here for 12 years and have no issues with bed bugs whatsoever , the building is clean and the super is super sweet, there are a lot of university people here but never rowdy like u see jun the houses along St. George. I have had superb neighbours and no complaints happy to say.

My daughter attended at George Brown College in 2012 and lived at 70 Spadina Road during her first year. My daughter never had any issues of bed bugs or anything of the sort. My daughter found the building very quiet and with the subway station attached to the building,very convenient to get around the city.

My son is now planning on attending University of Toronto this fall (hopefully) and I will get him a bachelor unit at 70 Spadina Road as the location is perfectly suited for him.

I lived here in 2011 and have since moved back this fall. I have never seen a bed bug or any other bugs. It' a fine building, not the cheapest rent but I feel acquainted with the building and location and the superintendent is quite engaging; even though they are different from the one's in 2011. The tenants are what makes the building as well, and they are too ,engaging and courteous and I feel comfortable in this building and location. I hope this assist people and enjoy the city.

Don't live here.

While the superintendent (Jim)is very very nice and means well.. this place is a disaster.

- I dealt with bed bugs in my unit summer of 2014. I've been bed bug free since, but it's not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

- The staff I've interacted with at the rental office are incredibly rude.

- My unit is FREEZING during the winter months. The windows and balcony door are very drafty. You also don't pay for heat so clearly they are trying to save money by

cutting back.

- The building is an overall mess most of the time. I feel like they're understaffed when it comes to maintenance.

- The elevators are a legitimate safety hazard and are constantly broken

- The building's water is shut off pretty often without 24 hours notice. I've been stuck a few times having to go to work without having a shower first.

The only good things about this place are the location and that they allow pets. Other than that it's ridiculously overpriced for what you have to deal with.

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This building had has bed bugs on multiple floors in the last year. Debbie, at the head office, took weeks to get an exterminator. It is definitely an issue. I read this exact page before moving in a couple of years ago, so don't be decieved! I personally believe the building has an infestation at this point.

Went to university of Toronto last year and took a one year lease at 70 Spadina Road. I am from out of town and not familiar with the City or Bugs.

Found the building very quiet and lots of students. Never encountered any issue with bugs of any sort in either my unit or anywhere else.

No Bed bugs or roaches to report, only issue my neighbour's ugly dog keeps yapping but Jimmy ( manager/super) took care of it; I have a cat , not an issue with management and of coarse they don;t bark :)

No bugs, a lot of young people in the building ( I am 59)but they are quiet and respectful. Moved in two months ago, like the manager/superintennt and love the subway beside the building and most of all Annex area; The rent is expensive but the location is the best and the location I wanted .

I've lived in the building for 3 years, Jim the super is amazing and love the location and the building, never seen nor encountered pest such as cockroaches or bed bugs, my only complaint would be noise from the traffic ( I live on the east side on the second floor) but on the waiting list for a higher floor.

No bedbugs noticed on the 10th floor but tons of cockroaches.

I found a single bedbug when sitting on my couch. I didnt look like it had recently fed. This apartment building is dirty and poorly maintained. I found this bedbug a couple days after there were "fire inspections" completed in the units without proper written notification.

Currently live in this building and do not have any bed bugs...BUT...have seen them in the hallway and have been able to prevent them from entering my own apartment by putting 2x4 wood planks at the entrance of my door and sealing the gaps with rubber. So, even though I know some of the neighbors have bedbugs, especially on the lower floors, it's not that bad.

Bad thing is, the building is absolutely filthy and has been this way for the years I've lived here. The water is shut off "almost" ev

ery 2nd week for for some reason and they never painted my apartment after coming in and plastering all the little cracks in the wall. So, after so many years, I still have plaster in let's see...something like 20 points in my walls and the gross paint that they were supposed to re-paint after I moved in.

Good news is, they have new superintendents as of around 2 months ago. The old one "Jorge" actually busted in on me once when I was sleeping and half naked. Fucking guy wouldn't even give me 10 seconds to put my clothes on as the fire inspector guy was laughing. Service is shit...what service? Whole building is filthy and disgusting...there are homeless people sleeping in the underground parking every 3rd or 4th night...and now they even put motion detectors in the underground parking so that when you go there, it's pitch black, providing lots of private spaces for the homeless men and drug addicts to do their shit next to the cars. It's a goddamn slum if I've ever seen one. Good news is...the rent is cheap...which makes it all worth it. LOL

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I live here currently. Rather, I moved in recently and totally regret it.

To the person who said something like "those who expect top service and low rent" should look elsewhere, how about "any service"? Any? AT ALL?!!

Your current landlady, who I'm fairly certain was lobotimized due to her complete inability to have a dialogue of any sort, does not answer any questions or resolve any tenant issues - ever. That's not charity work, it's her fucking job. I might pay low rent but I still pay

rent and it's illegal to be a slum lord.

Hidden fees - let's talk about those now. Read the fine print before moving in here. I wish I had. There's an administrative fee, which I'm going to discus with a lawyer, that they state they will charge you should you ever wish to move out. $500. Yep. A fee to move out.

Bed bugs? Not in my experience but BEETLES yes!

My neighbour is a drug dealer too. So that's been awesome to find out. I love waking up at 3am to screams and things breaking and smashing next door. It smells like weed all damn day, I hate being home because it gives me a headache when my neighbour goes on one of his drug binges.

Don't move here. It's the fucking Hotel California.

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I lived in one of their apartments at 70 Spadina for six years, we had the odd boiler failure in winter or other such mishaps but they were fixed within reasonable time and considering the low rent we paid it was OK and well situated downtown. I know people who have been living there for 40 years, so it can´t be that bad. The Wynns are nice people and are in business, not charity work, so those who want top service and apartments and low rents as well will never be satisfied, you gotta be

reasonable in your expèctations... I live now in South America but I still visit the Wynns in Dupont St. when I come to Toronto, I´ve got nice memories of my time living at 70 Spadina.

Juan Castillos

ps - For those who say that this is because the
Wynns are latinos, and favour such, that's wrong,
they're jewish and work hard for their money,
like all jews I know.

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I moved into unit 112 and lived there about a 8 months. Of course, the landlord did not mention anything.

I did see some small dead insects but could not identify them. Did not get bitten though but always suspected that the building had some.

We moved out a year ago and have not noticed anything in our condo.

It was a an extremely filthy building with mold growing everywhere.

And the landlord was a pain in the back! He could not care less about anything and tried to boss us around

. I had to sue him to get my money back.

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I used to live in #110 in 70 Spadina Road. Four months after I moved into the unit(January 2008). My neighbor(#108) informed me that she has bedbug problem and had been sprayed. A week later, I found bedbug in my unit. They sprayed my unit. But the bedbugs came back and they sprayed me and neighbors on my both sides(#108&#112) two more times. However, the bedbug kept returning and in order to get out of my lease, I had to file a report with the tenant board regarding the management company(

the Wynn family group). Before I moved out, I still kept finding bedbugs in my room.

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