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our apartment on the 5th floor recently had bed bugs. we were fumigated 2 days after the bugs were discovered, however when we returned to the apt two days later there was an entire section of wall crawling with bugs. the company that owns the building g (the wynn group) refused to fumigate again until May 25 and wanted us to just 'ignore' the bugs until that time. instead we went out and bought raid and killed the bugs ourselves. now we are waiting for our second treatment in two weeks.

er, we haven't bought any new furniture or had any guests over recently (in the last 3 months) and we live across from the elevator, so I have a bad feeling that someone moving in or out of the building has given them to us via their furniture (ie. eggs or bugs falling out of crevices in the furniture during the elevator ride and crawling to the nearest hosts). our building also seems to have a high rate of turnover with people moving in and out frequently, so I guess we shouldn't be so surprised that the bed bugs got to us...
overall this experience has been a nightmare, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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Well my friend came to crash at my place for 2 weeks and he brought the bedbugs there. I live on the fourth floor and I think because of me the bed bugs went to 407 and 307 as well. But the superitendent was really helpful and made sure I was fumigated thrice with the last one around 2 weeks back.(December 10th, 2011)My neighbors were fumigated thoroughly too. I haven't seen any since then. Apologies to units 307 and 407, I didn't know what hit me either.

Is there still a problem now?

I found bedbugs July 17 after being bitten for 2 months. Originally thought I had allergies but found the bugs hiding in my mattress. I'm going to be fumigated next week.

no heat in appartment building...complaint many time but no reply

can 'ME' provide what floor they were on??

I was'nt able to sleep for some kind of biting insects and finely found bedbug and had to distroyed my nice bed three months before. complaint to landlord but nothing happ. so please look before u move

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