25 Bedford Rd
Toronto, ON M5R

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2 months ago me and my roommate started noticing bug bites, as soon as we found a bedbug we reported it to the landlord, who had an exterminator in 3 days later. Our second spraying was Aug. 30th, here, 9 days later, the problem has only gotten worse. I have cut open the bottoms of all couches and box springs and am yet to find any, however I am awoken nightly to find bugs crawling on me and several occasions in the act of biting me. The Toronto licensing and standards are coming in on the 24th,

however we are currently looking into breaking our lease and finding a new residence.

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This building is going through another round of spraying for bedbugs a year after these last reports. We have a new building manager, who is more proactive than the last, but this building is still owner and managed by terrible people. Bed bugs are only one of many, many problems.

So, long story short, don't rent here. I'm looking for a new place.

September 25, 2011

Yes, bed bugs started on the 2nd floor in this building in July 2011 and have spread, despite the fact that practically the entire 2nd floor was sprayed. The other tenants were not notified of this by the management. I only found out by word of mouth, from a tenant on the 1st floor who had them. I now have them. I'm on the 3rd floor.

Our third floor apartment had bedbugs two months ago, I live on the fifth floor and noticed "bites" all summer..... But was in denial that I was a victim of Bedbugs, I thought for sure bylaw the Health Dept. would have to post any bedbugs incidences for sure. Well, no, bedbugs reports are only generated by civilians like you and me. Time to get "SLUMLORDS" like Mr. Cash out of business.

Also, the "manager" of the building Fil, has no problem asking his single female renters for "hugs" and "

cuddles" while his Philipino wife prances around the winter months bearing only a tank top, jeans and thong slippers while blasting the heat way above 75 degrees until the late May months (opening a window DOES NOT remedy the heat problem!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now I ask you, do you want to live in a building like this? Hopefully I have had an impact on your choice and made you a more informed renter, seems good advice is hard to find... but SLUMLORDS and PERVERTS are in excess!

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