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I have seen cockroaches in my unit no matter how clean and no matter how many times I have the pest control come in. It settles down and then flares up.
But I have a tenant below me who hoards items and is not very clean. Management can not go into units if the tenant won't allow them. There are many people in this building who have been there for eons and will not comply with rules.

I'm there to agree with the previous two posters. I've been here over 2 years and the previous management was wonderful. However once Hollyburn took over the building has started to go downhill fast.

The first time I heard about bed bugs was when speaking to a tenant from the 5th floor who said there was an apartment which had been infested. The management hasn't communicated anything to any of the other tenants (this is unacceptable).

I'm currently researching what recourse we can take w

ith Toronto Public Health:


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I agree with the previous post. I have been living in this building for over 4 years and this is the first time I hear about bedbugs (thanks to the anonymous notice posted in the elevator which was promptly removed). The new management (Hollyburn) does not keep us informed of what is happening and how the issue is being dealt with. I am very upset about that and I only fear that the problem will get worst.

I have lived in this building for nearly 10 years. I have seen a handful of roaches and one mouse over that span of time. I understand that bedbugs are rampant in downtown Toronto; however, I am concerned about how building management is handling the current issue. Last time there was a bedbug sighting (approx 6 years ago) I received a notice and info package regarding what one should look for and do if they see bedbugs in their unit. I was slightly freaked out, but I felt the issue was bein

g handled at that time. I am concerned the new management is trying to sweep it under the rug, not keeping residents fully informed about the current situation. Residents have recently posted signs to inform others about the presence of bedbugs in the building (thank you!), yet management has repeatedly removed these signs ASAP. I am upset that I am not being kept informed about the current state of the building and, even worse, they seem to be trying to hide th issue. This is amongst many issues I have with the current management who see not to care about the maintenance of what was once of the oldest, yet best maintained, apt buildings on St. George.

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I moved into this building less then a week ago. I asked a new neighbour how she liked living her and she told me the 5th floor had bed bugs. I went to the super to ask her and she said that 2 units did have them and that they were fumigating the next day. 3 days later, there are signs in the elevator saying that the building has bed bugs. I found one on the wall in my apartment later that night.

I short, big infestation in this building. Oh and there are roaches too.

I found bed bugs on my walls, on my box spring and in my paintaings after one month of suspecting a bed bug problem. i went to two doctors and neither could verify the bugs. finally, i caught them.

the superintendant in this building is great, but my neighbor also has bedbugs in his place and is refusing to have his apartment fumigated. in fact, he is now telling building management that he doesn't have bed bugs which means that they can't do anything.

My fear with moving back in is that t

his situation isn't resolved and the bugs will return.

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No mice. No bedbugs... and havnt seen any cockroaches. Been here for 2 yrs

I lived there from 2007-2009, and I saw a few cockroaches in the years there. Nothing too bad, maybe 5 in total, as I think they were caused by a really smelly old man down the hall, who's place looked disgusting (and you would see them in the hall outside his place).

Despite this, I would recommend this building, as I've never heard of Bed bugs here, and the location is great. Building is quite clean, and the super is quick to fix problems.

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