206 St George St
Toronto, ON M5R

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We moved in August 2012, after month and half we have started to get odd bites. At first we thought it was mosquitos but found a small bed bug. All of our furniture was new. After the first discovery of the bed bug, after cleaning we thought they were gone, but just today we found four more bed bugs different sizes. Problem was reported to the super with the response" you have to pay yourself because it's people's problem not the management" . We will try to talk to tenant and landlord board and

see what the procedure is. If the landlords refuse to pay for the exterminator, we will file a lawsuit, as according to tenant and landlord act, the landlords are responsible to pay for the cleaning and exterminating of bed bugs.

If you have a bed bug issue please don't keep it to yourself and come forward so we can clean this building. Bed bugs can be dormant for 2months up to a year without food source, so if this doesn't get solved the bed bugs are just travelling from apt to apt.

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Current tenet. Moved in July 2011.

No issues with bed buggs, never heard anyone complain, but who would if they had them?

Have issues with ants. Got posion traps, don't seem to be effective. Moving up to arosol tomorrow...

Super's are nice, but AWOL and hard to find. Also their English isn't the strongest so it makes it hard to bring issues to them.

Ant infestation and some mice (7th floor). Flooding & unhelpful landlords. Good luck!





this is the best building in this are,super are the best very polite.very helpful,is very clean building,NEVER HAS PROBLEM WITH BEDBUGGS.I leave here for long time,allof tenent love building and super.

august 19 th 2011 i'm tenant and i leave here for 10 jears dhis building never has problem with bedbugs

Can anyone let me know if there are still bedbugs in the building? I would like to move in but not if the building is infested.

Please email jennfowlow@hotmail.com


Does anyone at this adress have them and want to liase about the issue ? I would like to know what floors they might be on relative to mine before I go ahead and commit to fumigating ( a waste if they're next-door ).


Get in touch and mabey we can get the building to pay for everything.

Hey !! I moved into this building a
6 months ago and I think I might have them...not sure but I think yes. Help !! I've never had them before and this is supposedly the nicest building I've lived in ??

Does anyone continue to have bedbugs in this building?

Buliding management a pain in the ass!!!

dec 2010,
moved in oct 2010, never had a bed bug problem in my life, just discovered bed bugs and the exterminator advised that they are about 3 months old, the exact amount of time I've been living there. Building manager un-cooperative and super as well.

Does anyone know if the bed bug issue in this apartment was addressed?

I am looking to move into this building. Can you tell me what your apartment number is? Please, this is urgent...

Management very helpful. Direct us to follow the Toronto Board of Health codes. The previous tenant refused to follow their resposibilities and now due to their negligence I am infested. I have followed all recommendations of the management and they are almost gone.

Discovered early 2009, low-level infestation in at least one apartment. Building Management not at all helpful or responsive.

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