555 Russell Hill Rd
Toronto, ON M5P

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I don't know why the above poster would post something on a bedbug registry if they don't have bedbugs. You get silverfish when you live in a house! I lived at 555 Russell hill road for 6 years on the 3rd floor. The only issue I had was I faced Eglinton, so it was noisy, otherwise, I loved living there. BTW I NEVER saw one bug! Greenwin runs it now and they SUCK, the reason why I moved.

I've been living at this building for just under a year and am counting the days until the lease ends. It's a very old low rise building, so naturally there are quite a few issues.

Thankfully I haven't come across bed bugs, however I've seen silverfish on an almost daily basis. I usually come across one or two at a time in the washroom, but have had odd encounters where silverfish made their way into my rice bag, stuck in glasses, and scuttling out of a books in my living room.


they are harmless, but couple that with an array of noise issues (very thin walls!) and I'm ready to get out asap. Check out the building to get a feel for yourself, but my own experience has been such that I've never felt completely comfortable.

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