540 Russell Hill Rd
Toronto, ON M5P

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Have there been any recent issues with pests in this building? We're looking to move in.

This whole building is infested with bed bugs. My name is Micha Stolove and I reported this bed bug problem to the superintendent on feb 10/10 after me and my partner were ill from the continuous bites. Both a pediatrician and a dermatologist that were seen confirmed that they were bites from bed bugs. Our furniture which are family heirlooms are destroyed. Our baby was born and was subject to numerous bites. We continue to live with this problem after our apartment has been sprayed three ti

mes. The superintendent and the owner of the building have lied and downplayed the problem. We are now in the process of legal action in order to remedy the situation, but be sure that our intention is to leave as soon as possible, as this has been a horendous experience. The builiding is a beautiful builiding in Forest Hill and we had planned to stay here and raise our child. However, looks are deceiving and our physical and mental health have sufferred. P.S. if any other tenants see this blog and have lived in this apartment building please contact me at 647-859-7351. We informed them in Feb, 2010 about the problem they sprayed our apartment for the first time in October 2010 and they sprayed it 3 times in total and we still have ned bugs in addition to a problem with red ants that are in our kitchen, our food and in our bathroom.

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I lived in apartment 4 at this address for a year, the reason we left was because of the bedbug incident. It was the summer of 2007 and I left shortly after that, but the whole half of the building was infested with bedbugs, and everyone tried to keep it on the downlow, which didn't happen because I told all my neighbours at the time.

When I would sleep I kept getting itchy welts all over me, I woke up in the morning and wondered if it was a bug, lifted up the sheet to find a bedbug scurrying

across the mattress. Whenever we had a friend stay over on the couch they would have tons of bites all over their legs. I remember one night a few of the neighbours all met downstairs with their mattresses and blankets to throw out. So I knew I wasn't the only one. Finally we had someone come in to spray the apartment, that wasn't after I had to pack everything up in the apartment to have it sprayed. If that wasn't bad enough, after they left I put everything back and unpacked all my stuff, and a couple weeks later they showed up again to spray again, without any notice at all. And also, they only sprayed apartments where people reported bedbugs, then told all of the other tenants when they inquired about the problem that they were only spraying my apartment as a "precaution" and that we didn't have any bedbugs.

Regardless, it may or may not have been fixed since then. I know it went under new management the month after we left. It was a cute apartment other than the bedbug issue :(

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