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We had "suspected" bedbug activity in the unit next door. The super had both the suspect unit and our unit sprayed fully, and confirmed there was no evidence of actual bedbug activity.
Later we ourselves had some strange bites and although they did not look like bedbug bites and we had no other signs of infestation, the super had our unit sprayed.
So far it looks like the super of our building takes the begbug problem very seriously and has no problem taking preventative action, rather than re

quiring "confirmed evidence" of infestation before spraying.

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Moved in September '09, first floor and everything seemed to be going fine until June '10 when my partner and I received our first bites. She thought it was hives, or an allergic reaction to something in the environment because of the size of the welts. We had the plants outside our window cut down and all the while our super never mentioned anything about bedbugs to us.

It wasn't until she had an appointment with a dermatologist (after seeing several doctors who themselves were baffled at th

e marks) who said the source was most likely bed bugs. That night after work I checked and sure enough we had an infestation.

The Super is dealing with the situation in a timely fashion (had an exterminator come in within a week of the reporting) but continually gets angry at us when she says we should have reported it as soon as we knew. Also states that we knew the entire time, but didn't do anything about it.

Rhetorically: Who sits in an infestation of bed bugs and does nothing about it for two months?!

But I digress, after throwing out $500 worth of cherished items, and expensing another $600 for cleaning, were hoping that the rest can be salvaged once we bag the mattress and box spring after the second treatment.

Our recommendation: don't move into the first floor if you can avoid it!

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