1660 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5P

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I'm looking to move into this building. It meets most of my requirements being centrally located since I'm coming in from out of town. I have read the reports of bed bugs & roaches in this building. Can someone confirm if this has been rectified or an ongoing problem?

We moved in June 1st, and we moved out by August 1st. The building/units are insanely hot. There are roaches in unit, in the laundry room, and in the common areas. We went to the landlord about getting our unit sprayed for bugs, we didn't hear back until 3 weeks later. We were told someone would come August 10th, after we had already told them we were moving out. Terrible communication between management. Would never recommend to anyone.

Plenty of roaches, they can be found in the laundry room and most likely in any apartment you rent. Seeing a lot more now that it's summer. Would not recommend.

Been living across the crack house unit for a year, I remember seeing cockroaches on the wall in the hallway. Might not bring 80% of my furnitures once I move out. And the management does not care when you complain about the infestation.

My unit used to have a cockroach infestation, but now I only see bed bugs. Just the other day I found 3 separate families of bed bugs that were hidden in the tucked side of my bed sheets.

Nice building if you like bedbugs, roaches, mice, rats(no lie, they hang out by the garbage).

Unit#3 has been a crack house for years, heavily infested with bugs and stinks so bad you can smell it down the hall.

A tenant on second floor moved out, his bugs moved into my place directly across a week later. he threw his stuff out and moved because they were in all his stuff.

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