166 Eastbourne Ave
Toronto, ON M5P

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An erroneous report was made re. the previous entry, dated March 29, 2012. I have been trying repeatedly for the past week to have this report removed from this registry but to no avail. No response to repeated e-mails. This is unfortunate. The author of this entry meant me harm. I have been a long term resident of this building: three decades!, and have nothing but high commendation for it's personable, professional and commendable management! As the Toronto Star has reported, this registry is

flawed. One can't seem to remove reports made erroneously, malevolently. Regards!

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I'm in agreement with the previous entry. I live in a unit adjoining a short term rental apartment. During the first week of March, 2012, I noted bed bugs. I hope the landlord sprays these furnished rental apartments prior and following any short term rentals!

I stayed a short term rental here and the place has bedbugs. Becareful. The short term rentals bring in a lot of travellers and with that many people coming and going it makes bedbugs hard to get rid of.

No nearby bug reports