1598 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5P

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Which floor now ? Worried~
Building had treated complaints in a timely manner previously.
As well everyone should be aware of mould in this building. (I was told the top for was evacuated many years ago for black mould!)

1598 Bathurst street and 1596 Bathurst street are technically the same apartment. My partner and I combined have had over 50 bites but haven't been able to find any bed bugs until recently. We've found 1 adult bed bug and roughly 8 smaller ones. We've never had issues with pests anywhere we have lived before, and are thoroughly disgusted. I am having bad allergic reactions to the bites and significant swelling.

We have reported this to building management but they have yet to act. They are v

ery slow to respond to complaints, and have yet to address a number of our concerns.

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Tenant found bed bugs in the hallway of the first floor. Her apartment was treated, I believe, but the building managers don't seem to be willing to do anything. I definitely wouldn't recommend moving into this place - it's a ticking time-bomb!

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