1535 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5P

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As of late February, in 2013, has there been reports of bed bugs?

I'm the new Superintendent here and I have not had one complaint about my buildings. As you all can see this is a few years back and have not had a problems since the old Superintendent had them treated. My tenants are happy renting here and I have a long waiting list trying to get into my buildings. I've started here just over 4 months and my buildings are always cleaned.

I have been living in the building for 2.5 years. I lived on the top floor and now on the bottom floor. They have been spraying regularly since I moved in and I have not had any problems.
There are many ways they can treat the problem without using toxic sprays. You need to follow the instructions they leave properly. I think the problem comes from new people moving in bringing infestations with them and people not cleaning the bedding and things when they come to spray.

The thing that pissed me off the most about moving into this building is that the supers outright lied about the infestation to me, and I found out to all the other tenants as well, who all had different stories told to them from what I could tell. They knew that the girl who rented the apartment before me had to move out because of the infestation, and it was not disclosed to me.

It's very unlikely that the situation will ever be resolved, because the only thing that demonstrably and reliabl

y kills bedbugs is DDT, which is incredibly poisonous and now illegal. The other pesticides they use and steaming help keep the population in control, but they just don't do it.

I was in the building Summer 2009.

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The thing is with bedbugs, that they cannot only spray because it only kills the hatched bugs. you have to steam all baseboards and matresses etc with a special machine in order to kill the eggs. If they dont do this the bed bugs will continue to return. They have to do the whole building, if not, they will climb through the electrical and through your plugs and such.

We moved into 1535 Bathurst this recently and a few days later we had bed bugs all over the apt..and on our boxspring. I am bitten every night and i never ever get a good night's sleep. When i inquired about my bugs they didn't seem surprised and said they would spray.. so they are coming tomorrow to spray but it turns out that MANY PEOPLE on the first floor are dealing with them. They are *only* spraying my unit tomorrow and this makes it pretty obvious why the last complaints were made almost

a year ago and the bugs are still around.

They need to do so much more than they are doing about this problem and it should be DOWNRIGHT ILLEGAL to rent this place out to someone while OMITTING THE ONGOING BED BUG ISSUE that they can't seem to keep under control.

This is dishonest, disgusting, and I am officially looking for somewhere else to live.

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I have been dealing with bed bugs in my apartment since April. The rental company and supers have been great about spraying my apartment (2 full sprays and 2 maintenance sprays), but the bugs still return.

The apartment buildings at 1535 & 1539 Bathurst St. have been infested with bed bugs for years. Despite numerous sprayings and full building sprays (July 2009) the bed bugs still continue to appear. There are several tenants (with physical and mental health issues) in the building with severe infestations, and they are not being diligent with bed bug prevention and treatment. Please do not rent from these buildings!!!

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