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I agree - the ENTIRE building needs to be sprayed, not just one unit at a time. I have lived here since 2009 and never had a bed bug issue - until now. It has been a living nightmare, and we are only still a couple of months in at this point.

The building management is clearly not taking this seriously enough, since it's being handled on a case by case basis. It doesn't make any sense since the bugs will re-infest! Someone on the other side of the building even had the audacity to call the s

uper and complain about the bags of stuff we have been keeping out on our balcony because it doesn't 'look very nice'. If only they knew what we have been going through. We have nowhere else to put our things in the interim until the situation has been rectified.

We've had one fumigation so far (September 23, 2015), and are still seeing bugs here and there. I am so tired of all the frustrations in this building (ie - dripping ceilings, spotty heat and hot water, etc, etc) - and for us, this is the last straw. We are hoping to move ASAP.

The fact that we had to find out about the bed bug situation from a neighbor (ie - that it wasn't reported to ALL tenants from the landlord) is sadly, unsurprising based on how things are generally managed. Things need to change. The place is nothing but headaches with many units in disrepair. Sure, rent is fairly cheap, but all the headaches aren't worth it.

Bottom line: GO ELSEWHERE if you are thinking of moving here!

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Moved in and was in love with the place. One day I was drying my hair over my bed and saw a creepy crawly go by. I picked it up with a tissue and tried squishing it. It didn't die. I stepped on it and still nothing so I flushed it down the toilet. A second time I was ironing my clothes and again one was crawling on my bed. I googled it and sure enough it was a Bed Bug. Got a notice from prperty mgt that the unit would be fumigated do to other units complaining. This did not solve the issue. Ev

ery summer i was finding bites on my body and had to get my unit fumigated. it was a traumatic experience as i couldn't sleep and had to wash ALL my clothes every time. This occurred over three summers. I couldn't tolerate it any more when i noticed they had migrated to the washroom and kitchen. Before i moved i had requested to get fumigated one more time and to be honest, don't think they did come in. As i moved,my downstairs neighbour informed me that she too had them and was also moving because of them. she was advised that her downstairs neighbour had them too. I think the whole building needs to be fumigated and not just individual suites, or just condemn the whole building. Again, it was a traumatic experience and to this day, whenever i feel something i get paranoid.

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Moved in late summer 2012 and immediately experienced bites. The apartment was sprayed three times and all cracks sealed however still experienced bed bug bites. Very disappointing because this was a lovely apartment. Had to throw out a great deal of new furniture since there were bed bugs in them or you could see the evidence of them. Eventually had to move out that same year. Spraying isn't enough the floors need to be refinished and a heat treatment will get rid of the problem for good.

I heard about this site and thought I would look into it. I just want to say that I have been living here for 5 years and I've never had a problem with bed bugs.

Bed bug problem started in my apartment in Oct. 2011 - unit has been sprayed once so far, but still getting bitten every night.

My neighbours and I have been trying to get rid of bed bugs for about a year now (summer 2010-11). The apartment gets treated every month or two when they show up again.

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