630 Vesta Dr
Toronto, ON M5N

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read report and have never never seen a bed bug here and have resided here since 2009, the building is spotless and the superintendent is great, in fact never had a roach in my apt. The only complaint I have had were bicycles being placed near the entranceway which was rectified by placing a bike rack at the far end of the entranceway.

moved in September 01 excellent location, need the Forest Hill school for my children, super very attentive superintendent Stephanie, she keeps the building immaculate and no sign of any roaches or bugs, the only issue is Eglinton ave construction which I get stuck in every morning but that should be over soon ; other than that it's a nice building and nice tenants

Well well...a site to report this shit- who knew!
My roomate and I moved into this rat hole in March 2010- the first night we were there we saw a brown bug crawl out from the wall socket. Little did we know that the one little bug came with a HUGEEEE family. So a few weeks pass by and my roomie starts getting BIT everywhere- sure enough we find an infestation in her room, we chuck out everything get exterminated twice (which may I add is an AWFUL process) A few more weeks go by and we think we'

re good but nope the little buggers vacated to my room where now I was being bit- sure enough a nest is found on my bed. Management at this time believes they aren't bed bugs, and aren't taking us seriously at all. We have evidence of a bug in a bag to shove in the exterminators face, and Wynn management needs to have a reality check to realise that their building has a potential infestation that is not just in our unit. Oh and by the way my first question to them was if they have ever had bed bugs and I get a solid confident no. Well wake up Wynn...they're here!!! Fuck this place...don't EVER rent here. We also have a mouse, and we've heard of roaches in the building, needless to say, but if we so happen to find a roach we're GONE!!!! I'd pay gooood money to break that lease!

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In August-September we had an infestation of bed bugs. I'll give the super credit, we had an appointment made with exteminators within hours. However, the company they chose missed 2 appointmens and took over a week to show up. Not impressed. The management of this building (Wynn) was not helpful (other than the super initially scheduling the appointment). There was no confirmation of the appointment and they never returned our calls. The bugs were huge and were everywhere!

centipedes and spiders dwell in the place,too.

This place is freaking infested with Bed Bugs!

The management DOES NOT have ANY willingness to get rid of them, after weeks of complaint of Bed Bugs, all that you will get is an aerosol spray.

Mind you, our house is speck and clean w/o any preexisting bed bug infestation. ONLY after we moved, we found out that this place is infested.

If you are planning to move in/looking for rents, DO NOT rent this place because it's an utter crap. You will sometimes get more than sixty bites per day,


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