15 Shallmar Blvd
Toronto, ON M5N

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I moved into 15 Shallmar blvd a year ago, and a few
months after I moved in, a notice was put up staring that
several tenants had bedbugs and that they would
be treating the units that are next to the infested ones.
My neighbour across the hall informed me
that he infact had bedbugs and asked if I had them too
at that time I did not; however I still wanted my unit
treated and the super informed me it would be.
It was not! This past week my 5 yr old daughter and
I have woken up with red

, raised marks in clusters
of three, they appear to be bedbug bites, although
I still have not seen any bugs. I wrote a letter to the
super telling her as much. She was in my unit yesterday
with a pest control professional. I received a voicemail
message from her stating that they did not find any
bugs and that they will not treat my apartment until
I provide proof in the form of a bedbug in a ziplock
bag or on a piece of tape! I'm not satisified with
this response and plan on taking this matter further. I don't understand why I have to have a full blown infestaton before they will treat my apartment! I would think that is would be best to treat my unit now bfore the situation is out of control!!

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We just discovered bed bugs in our unit last night. I will post again regarding how the landlord deals with it.
I highly suspect that this has been an issue on my floor as several tenants have moved out in the last few months and the unit next to me seemed to be 'cleaned' and repaired for quite some time before anyone new moved in.
Add to this that the 'cleaning' happened ~ 1month ago or so and that is right when we started waking up with itchy welts and I can't help but be pissed that our su

per never said anything!

We are moving out in a few weeks and the last thing I want is to bring these with me!

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