260 Queens Quay W
Toronto, ON M5J

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My roommate and I had what I think was a small infestation in 2007. At the time we went a few weeks without realizing we had a bedbug problem. After the fact I recalled waking up in the middle of the night having the sensation to brush things off me. I also noticed small black stains on my duvet cover which I couldn't understand. Call me naive but the concept of bedbugs did not cross my mind.

It wasn't until one day I noticed this mysterious bug crawling across the living room floor and up o

n to the couch. I got curious. I looked it up online and sure enough we had bedbugs. I immediately lifted my mattress and my jaw dropped in shock. Starting at 8PM my roommate and I worked through the night dismantelling all of our belongings vacuuming everything in sight. I think it was the next day or so we had our entire place sprayed and we also steam cleaned the carpet in our two rooms. The last precautionary measure we took was to use one of those shark steam cleaning wands to clean every crack and crevice of our mattresses and couch. We kept a keen eye out for anything suspicious and to our delight the little bastards were gone. That was over three years ago. To this day I have yet to see them again. Here's to hoping they never return.

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