81 Dalhousie St
Toronto, ON M5B

Found 3 reports:

81 Dalhousie St. has been bed bug free for some time now. I am on the Board of Directors and know this information to be accurate. Management and the Board are ever vigilant to ensure that any new occurrences are dealt with expeditiously. A lot of work is also going into prevention, including the inspection of units.

2010 - There Are Bed Bugs At Margaret Laurence But Then Again They Are Everywhere. Bed Bugs Are At An Epidemic Level.

Margaret Laurence Co-op has had bed bugs for a while now and I really do not think it is being taken seriously by board members and management that seem to just want to sweep it under the rug as to speak. Finally it was added to the agenda for a general members meeting coming up this Wednesday.

No nearby bug reports