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Toronto, ON M5B

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Hey! So I was checking out this cute room. I love it, however, the first thing I asked is if this problem was taken care of. They said they fumigated regularly, and the floors are being redone in order to reduce the problem. I don't really know what these little guys are. I've seen one at my house a long time ago, killed it, and nothing ever came of it so I don't know what they're capable of doing. If you bring one home, are typically guaranteed to have a whole house intefested?? Will I have

to how out all my furniture?? I'm a clean freak. I steam the corners of my room one a regular, and javax clean a lot too. Please, anything helps right now. Thanks guys!

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I lived here for 2 months in 2011. I saw cockroaches the day I moved in and almost every day for the next 2 months. The landlord tried to help out, but often had to be reminded otherwise he would leave it. He used his spray that didn't do anything except excite the cockroaches and caused them to move. He called in pest control and they put brown gel all over the kitchen wall (two times) with no success. I saw cockroaches everywhere. In my bed, all over the kitchen, in the closet and in the bathr

oom. I even saw them in the hallway. I didn't stick around long enough to wait for bed bugs to arrive, luckily. I'd suggest moving somewhere else. Cheap rent and decent location weren't worth the hassle.

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Good Day,
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ridges. We would like to set up a future meeting at your convenience to display and sample our products for you. Please feel free to contact me at anytime for further information, questions, or concerns regarding BEAPCO and our products.
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Hi just to let you know I lived there in 2007 while i was in school,I should have known,when i moved in there was a bed bug treatment guide on the bulletin board in the hallway,but i didnt really know what they were yet. I didnt see bedbugs for the first 4 months, it seemed when spring hit they hit! I had to throw out everything I owned ,I found out i was pregnant around this time and I was 5 months pregnant when I finally moved out and at that point I was sleeping in the bathtub with my dog. th

ey were climbing up the shower curtain to get at me! it was like an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie!!! they were everywhere and apparently everyone in the building had them. I had to put my college on hold and move back to my home town where it was bed bug free. I was covered in welts. This was the most horrific thing I had ever had to experience. i brought them to my school by accident, it caused an uproar and I was humilaited. All my furniture was brand new when i moved in, and it all got infested so fast. The babies look like those little red spiders, so beware!! dont keep anything if you have them!! I think I would have convultions if I ever see one again, I seriously thought they were going to eat me alive. its really too bad, 77 mutual has the potential to be a cute little building for students and it is now known by many of us as the bedbug motel. such a shame. whatever you do dont move there!!!

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i am just about checking one of the bachelor suits on the second floor tomorrow. happened to find this site! how'r things going on there now?

i have a viewing appointment to see one of the bachelor suites tonight. Does anyone know if this bedbug problem is still an issue at this point? If so....i dont even want to step foot in this place. :(

we didn't have bed bugs for about the first 6 months of living here but now we have them. They come and go but they are definetly here. Just found 2 in my bed, one of which was a baby. We all know what that means...

we're moving asap.

Moved in and out in just 4 months because of bed bugs.

They had this problem for long time and can't get ride of it successfuly!

reported on known infestations...just google bed bug blog and look under \"known infestations.

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