50 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON M5B

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Yes, we found bedbugs here - no question.

Took a spreciman to the property manager and reported it. Property manager responded within a couple of days to spray it. Has denied that any bedbugs were found.

It is the landlord's responsibility to get rid of infestations. Make sure you tell management about your pest problems, they should be able to help.

I have lived here for a year now. I haven't seen or heard about bed bugs, however, have seen cockroaches and other small insects. In case you get any insects it is your responsibility to deal with them, it is in the agreement that you sign with them. Infestation of vermin or insects is treated as "Act of God", so in other words "God help you if you have bedbug problem and you live here!"

Main problem I have seen with this building after living for almost one year is the safety. There are at l

east one-two incidents a month and they are mostly sex related. You can read all about it downstairs from security reports. Repeated sex offenders who where already known to security, grouping of females, life threatening and all other sick, even forceful entering apartments what I have seen 99% of the victims were females, and security doesn't really do anything to prevent it, they are mostly there to take your report after you have been victim. I believe there is a prostitution going on in here, I have seen old Chinese guy on more then one occasion texting in front of the building and then entering it. Cant be more obvious? I was also offered sex services several times on corner of Church/Gerrard when coming back late.

While I had no problems with bugs, other then cockroaches I wouldn't recommend this place if you are female. But dont take my word for it just visit the building and check the monthly reports!

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I've lived here for two years, and I can vouch that there are absolutely no bugs of any variety. I've never seen more than a fruit fly in my unit, or in any of the common areas. The building is kept very clean, and management is extremely responsive. I once had a noise concern with loud music from a neighboring apartment, and it was resolved very quickly.

there is no bugs here been here for almost 4 years and havent; encountered one!

This is by far the worst apartment i have ever lived in. My apartment has been infested with crickets for the entire year i have lived here. It is absolutely disgusting. The managment is absolutely inconsiderate and terrible. They have done NOTHING to deal with this problem. When I went to the office to ask someone to come up and look at what i was dealing with, i was answered by a series of eye rolls, and a generally uncaring response. The russian lady that runs the building was awful to deal w

ith, acting as though i was such a burden. So that, combined with the incredibly high prices, makes this building a terrible terrible place to live. 2300 dollars a month for a TINY appartment with no living space and insect infestation is such a waste.

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