389 Church St
Toronto, ON M5B

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I have been living in 389 Church Street for 5 years. I finally am able to move out and get a better place. I have encountered bedbugs multiple times while living here.
The building is currently infested with bedbugs AND german cockroaches.
The management keeps saying they are going to fix the problem, but with the kind of slobs that are living in this building, it's impossible. The first time I got bedbugs here it was in fall 2007. They had come from another room or possibly another unit. I di

dn't know what they were, but a friend was quick to tell me. I made a report and the whole unit was fumigated. I threw out my mattress and bought a new one (even though it had been fumigated, I couldn't stand how gross the staining was). I didn't see any bedbugs again for a little over a year.
Spring 2008 I again started finding bites. Upon inspection I discovered that AGAIN there were bedbugs. I again had the building fumigate the unit. The bedbugs were gone again but only for about a month.
Completely frustrated (and annoyed at the pest control company who obviously were not doing their jobs properly) I went out and bought 4 cans of "Ant, Roach, and Earwig" Raid (it lists that it kills bedbugs as well on the can... by the way it is the best I've found for roaches!) and went to town.
At this time I had already thrown out my bedframe and had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I sprayed the whole mattress: concentrating along the seams, and misted the surface top and bottom.
I sprayed all along the baseboards and misted the whole carpet.
I left and stayed with family for a day. When I came back I opened the window and aired out the room for a few hours. Then I vacuumed everywhere.
I washed all my laundry in hot water and put it through the dryer twice. I did not bring it back into the room until I was done spraying/cleaning.
I threw out the mattress and bought a new futon.
I had finally gotten rid of the bedbugs for good (or so I thought)...
They started appearing again about a month ago and are now rampant in my futon. It's getting thrown out when I move, a good waste of $200. I have told the building and they say they will fumigate after I move out. Though I highly doubt they will spend they money on it until they move another person in here and start getting complaints.

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I used to be a tenant at 389 Church St. and I do remember some tenants complaining about bedbugs to the admin office. I lived on one of the top floors but didn't have bed bugs. But I did have one hitch a ride (on one of my coats) after finding one in my room - thankfully it was the only one and I killed it.

Since September my roommate and I have been waking up with bedbug bites. Health Canada came in and said we have a minor infestation. We have fumigated.. sprayed raid.. steamed and vacuumed and they come back. It's gotten to the point where I wake up and look back at my bed and I can spot a bedbug crawling around. I'm planning to move because of this problem.

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