262 Jarvis St
Toronto, ON M5B

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I'm moving to this building at Augest 1st. is there any update of the bedbug problem? Please let me know, and any review for this building? is it a good place to live in? Many Thanks!

We've been dealing with bedbugs since the beginning of May this year. At first I was waking up with bites on my arms and legs that almost looked like hives and thought I was having an allergic reaction to something. The landlord about a week later sent out a notice that the building was being inspected for bedbugs, but no further information was provided, then I discovered a couple of them crawling on my bed one night. I flipped my mattress up and found a few dozen crawling around on a corner

that is butted adjacent to the wall of my neighbor where there's also a gap in the baseboard. It's an old wood and brick building so my best guess is that they're in the walls.

I told the superintendent about it and he seemed to know about the situation already, but it seems clear that they have no intention of notifying the rest of the tenants about the problem unless they come with specific complaints. The superintendent gave me a can of raid and told me to spray down the apartment, and that an exterminator would be coming on June 2nd - 2 weeks later.

I got rid of my bed and hosed the apartment down several times over the course of a week, then bought a new one. The exterminators came on the 2nd and treated the apartment. I had been under the impression the building was being sprayed, but have now found out they only did my apartment and 2 or 3 others around mine. Two days ago I started getting bites again and have since killed several more bugs. I just spoke with the superintendent again, and was given another can of raid. I am yet to be advised of when the exterminator will be coming again.

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