223 Church St
Toronto, ON M5B

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August 14, 2015. I was apprehensive after entering the hotel and my room. I would have preferred it to be much cleaner. Bedding looked clean but I lifted up the mattress and saw some dirt but didn't notice bugs. I went into the bed and put the side light on and turned on the tv and began to peruse a newspaper. 20 minutes later, my arm began to itch. I assumed the bite was of a bug from outdoors as I had just walked in from outside and it was very very humid. Within the next 5 minutes, don

't know how I noticed them, but saw a trail of "immature" bed bugs crawling over the pillow I was propped up on. I wasn't 100% sure they were bed bugs until I saw an adult near by. I know what an adult bed bug looks like. I ran down to the reception desk to let him know (with the adult captured in a plastic bag). He was nice and as accommodating as he knew how to be. He offered me another room as we both knew it was going to be fruitless to find another available hotel room in that city. I was not very receptive to another room in the same hotel and in the end we both agreed that maybe it would be best I found somewhere else to stay (my thought is if they are in one room, I can't take a chance they didn't cross to the nearby room that he offered me). He gave me a credit for my 2 nights booked (I still have yet to check my credit card company) and when I asked, he also gave me some garbage bags to enclose my belongings (didn't want to spread anything anywhere else). I also showered and changed clothes before I left. I hadn't put any belongings on the bed, chair or drawers during my 3 hour stay. I didn't see an "infestation". I think the bed bug or pregnant bed bug had been dropped off somewhat recently. There may have been 10-20, from what I saw, and mostly juveniles. The guy told me that they had never had bed bugs before so this may have been first time visitors for this hotel.

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My girlfriend and I recently stayed at this dump on January 8th and were attacked ruthlessly by bedbugs. Not only that, but the room was disgusting and uncleaned, the service was terrible, the manager was unapologetic, and they had lost our reservation, in which we had already paid. Also, our neighbours were very disruptive and appeared to be permanent residents. DO NOT stay here.

I recently stayed at the Church Street Hotel (hostel) which was at 223 Church St. in Toronto on January 8, 2010. I stayed in room 305, and when I woke up the next day I noticed that I had bed bug bites all over my body. Not to mention some of them swelled up a lot. I told one of the hostel employees what happened with the bug bites when I was checking out and I didn't even receive an apology or anything. The room was incredibly dirty and it was just a bad experience. I wouldn't recommend this pl

ace to anyone.

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