20 Carlton St
Toronto, ON M5B

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Bedbug Hater on 01/25/2011 is right! Check out google maps for 20 Carlton St, and check out street view. There are two "310-DUMP" trucks filled with mattresses and boxsprings right in front of the building. I don't live in this building but am looking for an apartment. Makes me nervous...

First off – if you think you have a problem go talk to the management office about it, don’t try to fix it on your own. I haven’t found any traces of bedbugs in my apartment but I have found the staff to respond quickly to any other requests I’ve ever had. As for trucks taking loads of mattresses to the dump I haven’t seen that either. If you think you have an issue go talk to the office they’ll take care of it.

*****************THE SMOKING GUN********************

If you google this address. You'll see 2 TRUCKS (OBVIOUSLY heading to the dump) taking mattresses and boxsprings from this building. Can't get any more obvious than that!

Definite begbug problem at 20 Carlton. Issue occurred around May-July 2009; and then management sent a guy to check it. Problem seemed to go away. BUT it has resurfaced in Dec 2010. I havent seen any bedbugs myself but I have all the telltale signs...very annoyed.

Will the person who reported the bedbug issue on January 25/10 please contact the Management office so that we can look after this problem.

There are definitely bed bugs in my apartment. I bought a huge bag of diatomaceous earth to try and treat it myself.

I've found a few as well

There are these tiny mites in my mattress. Are they bed bugs?

I found 2 bed bugs in my apartment yesterday after having been bitten a few days ago. Still waiting on management for their plan of action...

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