317 Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M5A

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It's been a few months since September ... thinking of moving into the building ... is it still relatively bed bug free? Or has the situation gotten out of hand?

We had bugs initially when we moved in. The whole building was sprayed, and for a year+ after we didn't have any further issues. As of recently, I know of (at least) one resident that has moved out because of bugs specifically. We haven't been directly effected yet, but that doesn't mean they haven't resurfaced. Rent with caution.

any update ...thinking about moving in, pls and thanks...anybody...like honestly.

It started as random bites (thought there were fleas) then they were ALL OVER. In my bed, in my closet, my clothes. Too cheap too be true, that's why. I lasted 6 months there and thank god moved out.

Moved in Aug 1. Turns out there are still bedbugs here. It's a shame I didn't happen across this site before I moved in. The place might seem like a sweet deal but it's not worth it. I'd rather pay more and not be infested. I'm more than likely throwing out my bed for starters.
I think the most indicative part of the whole experience is that when I called Orkin, they didn't even bother showing up.
I guess that's what you get for bargain hunting in Toronto. I'm moving back to Mississauga, liv

ed there for years and had no problems.

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I moved into Apt 408 2008 and within a few days I was bitten on the back, upper torso, legs and arms. I had been bitten more 10 times in each part of my body. I was not informed by the superintendent of the infestation of bed bugs when I went to veiw the apartment. I informed the superintendent and they sprayed once in the 1st week and steamed once in the second week and was free of the bed bugs until May 2010 my apartment and other apartment on my floor and the 3rd floor had the infestation

of bed bugs again. The apartments were sprayed but in July 2010 I began to notice bed bugs in my kitchen and the bathroom.

This buiding is totally infested with bed bugs. I am angry that I was not informed of the infestation of bed bugs, I lost all my furniture, clothes, my friend's house has the infestation of bed bugs and Iam financially responsible to help my co-worker and friend get rid of the infestation of bed bugs. This has caused me a lost of over 3,000. I have decided to move from the building of of July 31, 2010.

Thanks a lot to your irresponsible actions as landlords. Remember what comes goes around. Bad Karma

Anyone wanting to contact me on this matter email me at melindaquan@live.com

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317 Sherbourne St - Unit 305
We just moved in May 1 - Were told the unit was clean and bug free. Mid move we run in to a new neighbor in the unit down and a unit across from us that said previous tenant had an infestation. By darks fall they started to come out of every crack and carves in the place. Just moved out, 8 days later because it was so bad! I night spent in the unit and I was bitten 8+ times and there were now all in my furniture! Super informed me apparently 3 other units on

this floor move out due to bed bugs. This building is crawling!

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