284 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON M5A
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Moved in to this location end of July 2011 and moved out by March 2012. Not only are the landlords TERRIBLE, but lied about bed bugs. This whole house is full of different kinds of bugs.

New landlords as of Nov/10, entire house was fumigated six weeks prior to change of ownership. I didn't ask about bedbugs (I forgot) but they didn't mention anything either. I rented starting Dec 6/10 but did not move anything in or sleep there until Dec 12. I found bedbugs on Dec 15, alive and dead, and reported it immediately. The bugs were in my unit and in the hallways. The landlord had Orkin in to spray my unit and all surrounding units (but not the entire house) on Dec 17. The secondary sp

raying was on Dec 31 and I did not return to the unit until Jan 2 to remove my belongings. I found many dead bugs and at least one alive. The house is infested. Fumigated and sprayed twice in two months and they're still alive... I had my lease voided and got most of my money back.

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