281 George St
Toronto, ON M5A

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This place is my personal nightmare. I stayed there with my partner as a meeting point between our two cities. The room was filthy but I didn't trust my gut. We decided to stay regardless. My partner was scratching all night. In the morning he woke up with red welts all over his back and arms. They had FEASTED ON HIM. We were horrified. When we wrote to the owner (because NO ONE ACTUALLY STAYS OVER NIGHT ON THE PREMISE) he asked for physical proof, which we sent. Still have the pictures!

We did get our money back. On a side note, we were so angry and disgusted in the morning, we fled quickly and I forgot my glasses. When I called to pick them up the next day, I was told that the cleaner had thrown them out! I couldn't believe it. In any case, the whole experience was rotten. I checked the reviews since and saw that there is only one other comment indicating the bed bug problem there, so thought I should share this on the forum.

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