230 Oak St
Toronto, ON M5A

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I have been living here for over 3 years. I have had issues with roaches but it has improved after 2 treatments. Today I found a small bug on my floor. I killed it and looked at it through a magnifying glass. I searched online and it looks like a bed bug. I have reported it to Akelius and I am waiting to hear back. I searched my bed and there are no signs of a problem. I am praying that this is just one bug that came in on the grocery bag I just carried in. It's really scary to see other tenants

have had an issue and nobody informed us.

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I had been living at 230 Oak Street for last 3 years. Had problems of roaches many time earlier, but with one treatment it was taken care of so i was ok.

But since the renovation work started, i suddenly noticed bed bugs in my suite.I informed Akelius about the same and they had scheduled treatment with Orkin. And for last 2 months i am suffering being in this building.

2 Treatments are already done and still i see bed bugs everywhere. Had many fights with Akelius but no solution. Orkin su

ddenly cancels the scheduled treatment and Akelius does not inform.

I have not cooked food in my home for last 2 months as everything is packed and kept in the center of my suite as i do not have patience of opening and packing things every now and then.

I do not want to live in this property now, but Akelius is still asking me to server 2 months notice before i vacate. Why should i suffer for another 2 months in this infested building. Someone please help me!!

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I am a resident for three years. I don't have problems with this building because the maintenance guy and cleaning guy are so nice. we had a mice and roches issue before a couple year ago. I don't have them now. But recently, we have the mice and bed bugs. i don't know where they are from. the worst thing is that I don't see them but getting bites. My husband, me and my daughter so far. i really want to move out but I know it is the decent price so far in downtown because we got the old apartmen

i have been cleaning like crazy, and dry clean everything. Hopefully, they will be gone soon.

PS: We have been very clean family and we don't smoke or have a pet...


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Hello, any updated info on this building? It seems it is fully renovated now and the management has changed. Any help/info is highly appreciated. Thanks!

This is the dirtiest apartment building in dt toronto. whoever checks this out and still considers moving in, must be going out of there mind. I lived here out of desperation. It is so cheap, but that is an indication how horrible your life is going to transform. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE. Gale is the Property Manager who is useless
accdg to a lot of tenants, and Keith is the Operations Manager, another useless building staff. There is nothing they will do when you report a problem to them. I am surp

rised this building is not closed by the city. This is substandard hygiene and horrible living conditions. It's not only bedbugs or other critters. This is not the kind of place you want to raise your family. For a year of my stay there, police cruisers are always present almost every night. It is not a safe neighborhood. This place is a hub for drug dealers, accdg to some people living there and other bad elements of the society.

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Yes, this building is infested with everything you don't want it to be. Same with every other apartment building in Toronto in the same price/quality category as 230 Oak. I've been lucky enough to have never seen a bed bug in this building (been here 14 months), but I know many other people in the building have. The roach problem, however, is obscene. Roaches everywhere. My unit is immaculate, but unfortunately this means nothing if your surrounding units have them. Basically, YES, this building

is absolutely infested, among other problems (don't EVEN get me started on the elevators). You WILL see bugs if you live here, but you'll also be really close to downtown with dirt-cheap rent. If that's worth it to you, it's certainly not a bad place to live.

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As I'm moving out of 230 Oak in a few days after 11 (mostly) hassle-free months, here are my thoughts:

-The building is very dirty and poorly maintained. I'd say that this is likely due to a combination of it being an older place clearly not being kept in tip top shape as well as unfortunately being inhabited by some residents who see fit to leave garbage on the floor in the hallways

- I have had experiences with cockroaches and mice, although some spraying before I moved in coupled with

sealing up all of the floorboards and keeping things fairly clean meant this was kept to a minimum. Roaches have started to reappear recently, which makes me even happier to be moving out

-I genuinely like the staff here and found them to be personable and friendly, although I can understand why other reviews have complained about the service. I did feel that I was somewhat misled by the rental office before and during my move-in process to the point where I contacted a lawyer regarding my rights as my roommate and I waited to take occupancy for 2 weeks without regular communication from the office as renovations were done on our unit.

-Although there are obviously some hygiene-challenged individuals who live here, virtually every person I met in the elevators or hallways was polite and friendly. People regularly held doors or elevators for me, which is not something I'd experienced in higher-end buildings elsewhere in the city

As I'm new to renting in Toronto, I can only compare 230 Oak to a handful of other locations. Nonetheless, while the rent is comparatively cheaper than other buildings in the general area, I would hope that there are better options out there for a comparable price. Families shouldn't have to deal with the sights (and smells) of garbage as well as roaches, mice and bedbugs just to spend under $1000/month for a 2 bedroom appartment, should they??

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I am writing an account of my stay for 13 months in this filthiest apt building in Toronto, located at Regent Park, on River/Gerard.

There were so many stories before I even moved there, and unfortunately, I did not believe them. So that's why I had to endure the suffering of bed bugs, cockroaches, broken freezers, poorly plastered wooden floor tiles, the dysfunctional elevators they have, and the unhygienic tenants who just constantly drop the garbage outside the chute, instead of inside the


I can honestly say, this is the FILTHIEST APARTMENT BUILDING, yet in downtown Toronto, possibly in Ontario. The maintenance of this place is very poor and I am quite surprised it passed government standards... not sure how, but hey, they were granted the place to be habitable. For 13 months I lived there, never in my entire stay have I drank water from tap. It scares me, the way I am scared for my life.

The elevators are hopeless. They have three turtles serviving the tenants. One is usually dead, and the other two are usable, but extremely slow or would constantly skip 2 or 3 , maybe sometimes 4 or 5 floors.. who knows.. It happened to me so it must be happening to other tenants also.

The apts is uninhabitable. If you plan to move here to save money, PLEASE DON'T! It is even expensive for their price. Not worth it, and the maintenance staffs are arrogant and useless. Fill up an job request, they will not even follow up on it with you. The policy they have is to wait 24 hours, then they contact you. NOT TRUE! They never contacted me... my freezer was dead for the longest time. There were roaches and bed bugs. These people would lie to the signing tenants just to get them to stay. Just like one guy named Sam, who assisted me when I moved in there. He lied to me. He said there a Pest Control Staff on site.. Never!

To end the agony, I moved in to the best place, so far. I am happy I did, because this place 230 Oak St is HELL in Toronto. No one should move there, and this place should be closed down and totally renovated. The tenants living there are mostly filthy and dirty and smelly... moving in one of the apts here in Oak St is not worth the savings and the aggravation.. think of it. I hope you believe this testimony. or you'll hate yoruself after finding out what was written here is true..

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Does anyone have any updated information for this location? Thanks.

Okay... the building really isn't THAT bad. I've lived here for 2 years and haven't had any problems. I keep the place clean and haven't seen any bugs..

I lived on the top floor at 230 Oak Street in 2009/2010. The unit was being "fully renovated" for me and my friend to move in. We were able to view the showing apartment on the main floor and were happy with what we saw. However, after receiving the keys to our apartment nothing had been renovated. There were tiles falling off the walls in the kitchen (which was never fixed), there was no curtain rod installed in the washroom (which took 8 days before the work was started and took the man atleas

t 2 days to finish). The only thing they had done was paint the walls and put up new closet doors in the master bedroom. About two months after living there I spoke with a man down the hall who was leaving because of cockroaches. I started to look around more and realized my apartment was also infested. I let the landlord know that we had cockroaches and I even sent a picture I took with the notice. 4 Days went by and there had been no acknowledgement so I sent in my 60 day notice to end my Tenancy. Three days before I was moving they put a notice on my door and came in the next day to do the treatment.

Needless to say,
I moved out.

Just to note: The night before I moved out I went out with my boyfriend to the store and was asked to get into a suspicious mans
car. He was very persistant and identified himself as a cop. The man started to get out of the car. When I ran to the store to get help
the man in the store instructed me to leave and yelled at me. Police came after we called police from outside and we were subpoenad
to court months later.

Needless to say the entire location is just horrible.

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Came to repair tv service. What a dump. Crazies and bugs and rate everywhere. Do yourself a Favor. Move into a basement apt in the suburbs.

Remember! If you are having problems with the landlord/bedbugs. Keep records of your complaints and repair reports. You can get half of your rent money back from the day you gave them the first notice that there was a problem. Also they have to pay to replace all of your furniture you cannot use.

These Buildings need to be torn down. :(

Bedbugs were seen in the carpeting in the hallways. The carpets are wooly and filthy. Unfortunately the rental company ignores the issue. The overall sanitation and maintenance is substandard.

move in last June 2011, first night couldn't sleep due to bedbug. Advice management, they told they never have bedbug before, but send someone to spray. day after I was some, but was few I didn't bother them, as this guy was suppose to come back, but he never show of.

the past 2 months have been a hell, have bedbug and cockroach everywhere.
I bought some spray @ the store and spray everywhere once a week, still nothing to do. this place is infected by insect

I've lived in this building three years on a lower floor and all of a sudden I have BED BUGS. I gave my 60 days notice right away and am now loosing all my furniture as well as a 5 grans mattress. This building is infested with roaches and worse bed bugs. I saw them come out of the heater its terrifying I cant wait to get out of here!!!:(

Moved in July 2009, thought I saw a dead roach under the kitchen sink before I moved in and asked management about it. Was told they had 'never had any complaints' but would check it out and spray if needed. I was desperate and couldn't afford much else so I went ahead and moved in.

Started to see roaches a few weeks after moving in, mentioned it to management but they did nothing. Also complained about the leaking windows and ever growing hole in my bedroom wall from water damage. Ended up

having to call MLS to get it fixed. Saw a mouse in my hallway and called the building to complain, lady on the phone told me 'They were aware of the infestation in the building but there was little they could do about 1 mouse' Did my best to plug up any holes with steel wool, sprayed around entrances with residual spray, bought a sonic pest deterrent device and remove any potential food sources.

Roaches just got worse and I would see them out in the main hallway on the carpet and walls. Enough people must have complained because they ended up treating every unit with 'roach goop.' This only seemed to work for a short amount of time because they came back with a vengence. Complained a 3rd time and they showed up without notice to spray. I was home recovering from a serious illness at the time and had no idea they were coming so I hadn't emptied my cupboards and wasn't able to be gone for several hours as required. Instead of coming back at a reasonable time they just re-gooped and put some boric acid under my fridge and bathroom cupboard.

Did that help? No. Of course not. The nasty little beasts only seemed to increase again. The breaking point was when I came home and found a freshly hatched roach egg ON TOP OF MY BED with 40 some odd roach babies crawling all around it! Gave my notice after that.

Management has been upgrading the building but it's all cosmetic. They never deal with any real problem unless you complain to the city. The buzzer has never worked even when they installed a whole new system. Most of the time the lobby door is broken and you don't even need a key to get in. It smells like garbage all the time. The mailroom is always a disgusting mess and the pests are OUT OF CONTROL.

Bottom line: Save yourself the constant stress of being creeped out and don't move here!

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When I viewed the apts at 230 Oak St last May 2011 for occupancy on June 2011, I saw a poorly plastered floor area inside the apt. It was poorly fixed, and the tiles are almost detached. I told the office staff that. He said he will get it fixed. I also asked him that there are bed bug reports for this building. He said, they have an on-site fumigation guy. Another flaw of this building, is that they have no idea of how to dispose garbage properly. It stinks from the lobby, till inside the eleva

tor. The elevators were also crappy. They have three, one is the service elevator, one is dead, and the other is ready to die. If you are on an emergency 911 call, you will die first before paramedics reach you....Where do you win? When I moved in June 2011, the floor was not fixed yet and it's been 4 months. I started seeing cockroaches and other bugs crawling in my walls, and they are creepy. I should've known better when I went to see this place. Most of the tenants are disgusting with poor hygiene. And most of all, I don't think they do a Credit Check because if they did, I wouldn't be here. I have a low credit score that will prevent them from offering me a unit in this building. The only good thing is the price, but I wouldn't think it's a fair price though. They charge too much for the living and apartment conditions here. And before I forget, there is NO BUZZER SERVICE. They told me several times after I complained but again up till now, there is no buzzer service. Ultimately, a paying tenant would want that service restored for him. Am i right? Tenants who are looking for a place, save your money.. DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE or you will REGRET it. I see them doing open house here. I feel sorry for the people who sign up. They gave me a letter asking me to get remove my dog. I'd rather break my lease than remove the dog. I was duped, big time! I am looking for another place before another complain happens about my dog... to sum up, they don't do proper maintenance and there is no on-site fumigation guy... learn a lesson here people.

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i've lived in the building for almost 8 months now and haven't really had any problems with the bugs. i've seen a couple here and there but that's pretty much it. I was told by the rental agent to advise the super at the first sign of anything and they'll have the place sprayed for me. i haven't had to call them yet. so no complaints so far


Where should I start? The experience there has been a total nightmare... The place is very dirty and not well maintained. They over advertise the area and the building. The place is sworming with roches!!

Do not waste your time or money!!!

since ive moved in april 2011 i've only seen a couple bugs, told the rental office and someone came a couple days later to spray the place, haven't seen a bug since. it's my 3rd apt move in the city and this building is a lot better bug wise compared to other places ive been, so far satisfied.

Moved in about a year ago Sept 2010 and had no problems until about 3 months ago when I noticed small bugs around my apartment. Being naive and never experiencing anything like this before I just bought some bug spray and it did nothing. Now three months later I have HUGE cockroaches all over my apartment. I sent in three notices about bug infestation and they did not do anything until I threatened them to take it to the landlord and tenant board. The fumigation did absolutely NOTHING and I

still have roaches all over my place. I have sent them a letter saying I will vacate one month early, an they now are coming back saying I have to pay until the end of my lease. I am NOT paying for a bug infested apartment and they can take me to court if they really want to. I have pictures and proof of the unsanitary gross unit I have to live in for the next 30 days. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING! I know it is cheap rent, but DO NOT be fooled it is a horrible place. Cops out front every day, crazy people always around the building and almost ONCE a week I have no hot water, and this is just aside from the critters that are everywhere! Don't be naive like I was go ELSEWHERE!


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my nightmare is over!
I called my landlord at 1pm today and by 2:30pm he sent someone to spray my apartment. hopefully all the bedbugs will be gone by the time I get home.

I just move in the apartment last night June 22 2011 and I couldn't sleep. there is bedbug everywhere. I'll contact the landlord today.

that is very odd, haven't had an issue or sighting and i live here. the rent is cheap for other reasons not infestations.

I was going to contact the landlord of this building to move in because the rent seemed very good -- NO WONDER!!!!

Was supposed to move in December 2010, found this website and saw these posts a week before move-in day. I talked to the rental agent who assured me that although there used to be problems in this building, it was under new management and there hadn't "been a bug in the place in at least 3 years". I was skeptical, but took his word for it. Moving day came, and I found the unit filled with cockroaches. I'm not talking a few - I'm talking swarming. I rented a storage locker and had my things sto

red instead. Early January, 2011, I went to drop off the keys, and while I waited in the lobby I asked residents passing by if they had experienced problems. They told me bed bugs and roaches are rampant in the building, and management refuses to do anything about it.

DO NOT RENT HERE!!! And do NOT believe a word the rental agent says. He is out to make money. He doesn't have to lay his head in this place every night!!!

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I'm a newly-single female in my mid 20's. It's the first time I've lived on my own in a very long time. My budget was tight, and I looked at a lot of places. After seeing the reports on here I asked the rental agent flat out (before signing the lease) if there were bugs in the units. He said that there had been problems several years ago but a new company bought the building and had fumigated and were renovating everything, and the units had been bug-free for a few years now. I was a little

skeptical but took his word for it.

The unit had been beautifully renovated - new countertops, tub, tiles, and fresh paint. I took a good look around before they moved the fridge and stove back in, looking for signs of bugs but saw none.

I finished moving all my things in last night. Finally made the last trip around midnight. I sat down for a minute and looked up to see a bug on the ceiling. I've never seen a roach before so I didn't know that's what it was, but I got up to kill it, and then started looking for more. Found a second smaller one on the living room wall. I looked in all the closets again, in corners, in the cupboards, and the little feelers of another one caught my eye, sticking out from under the upper cabinets. I took the shade off a lamp and started looking everywhere. The one that was sticking out a bit came out enough for me to get it with a paper towel, but it squirmed away and fell behind the fridge. I pulled the fridge out and shone the light behind it, and saw nothing...but then I noticed the light cast a shadow on the wall of something moving. I looked at the back of the fridge itself and almost dropped my lamp! It was like a horror flick! The entire back of the fridge was writhing and crawling with these disgusting cockroaches, climbing all over each other. I called a cab and went back to my ex's place (thank goodness things are amicable and I had somewhere to go! I can't imagine having to stay in this disgusting hell hole!) All night I couldn't sleep, I kept picturing those disgusting things crawling out from behind the fridge and into my bagged linens and towels and bedding.

I will be fighting this with the landlord tenant board. The unit was supposed to be ready for the 15th, and I do NOT consider this "ready". This entire operation is a scam to lock you into a lease. The units are not liveable! They show you a nice unit, lock you in so you are required to pay for a year, but because you are basially forced to leave early, they can lease them out to another person while you're still being forced to pay. RUN FAR AWAY! I do not know how this rental agent can sleep at night - blatantly lying to people. Is it really worth it for the money?

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Moved in in June 2008. Noticed roaches right away and bedbugs after about three monthes, but I believe they might have been there from the beginning--this was my first, and hopefully last, experience with them. The Super sprayed whenever I complained (5 times) but bug problem was never solved. When I called the management company to inform them I wanted to move, they said I couldn't break my lease and that I'd have to pay rent for a year whether I lived there or not. I decided to break the lease

by withholding rent. They evicted me. In the meantime I was very worried about transferring bugs to wherever I moved. I threw out two couches and the brand new bed mattress. I put everything else in storage. This has been an expensive experience.

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I moved to this place in November 2007. First noticed bedbugs begining of March 2008. I spoke to superintendent and rental agent numerous times about the problem, asking them to do something about it. They promised to get the exterminators, they never did. Towards the end of April, I couldn\\\'t take it any more and moved with my brother temporarily still asking them to do something. They did nothing again. I moved the stuff that I could use (pots, dishes) and left the rest of my furniture for t

hem to dispose of. I told them I won\\\'t be coming back. This was a horrible experience and I don\\\'t know why I waited even for that long. They served me with the eviction notice, but I was gone even before. I wrote them a letter telling them I left the premises and I will not pay them the rent for the place I cannot use and that if they try to force mt to pay to the end of the agreement, I will seek a legal help and ask for repayment of damages to my property that I had to throw away.
I think that if we pay good money for rents every month, the management has a responibility to keep the units in good repair and be responsive to tenants needs.

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Moved in around February 2008. About 3 months later started to get bed bugs. 2 visits of exterminator failed to resolve it. Other tenants also told me of having the problems. Super had to be pestered, in writing, to get exterminator in.

There is a pending case with the landlord tenant board.

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