229 Carlton St
Toronto, ON M5A

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Anyone with experience taking the issue of bed bugs to the Landlord Tenant Board please contact renep@live.ca asap. We have a hearing scheduled regarding a nearby building soon!

As of mid September 2007, the superintendant at 229 Carlton Street in Toronto, Ontario, a low rise roomin house, residing directly above me in unit # 8, was the first unit of about a total 5 units to have been infested with bed bugs. Unit #8 was sprayed without informing any of the units in the building. Immediately upon spraying this initial unit, units # 7 (directly beside it) and my unit #5 (directly below) were infested. As for my personal situation, my entire closet, brand new matress and

brand new fabric chair, were all infested. I had about a total of 30 bites within two days of the first unit being sprayed. When I reported the situation, I was told initially that it was 'going around the building', and that they were 'trying to deal with it'. I was also told not to inform the other units. After two days I wound up staying with a friend in the hopes that it would be resolved soon. It never was. I stayed with my friend until December 2007, as I still heard reports from all of the units on the second floor, that the bed bugs were still present. I was not reimbursed for my last month's rent ( I never received a straight answer about this; I as told 'we'll see what happens') and my brand new mattress and new chair were both lost, without reimbursement. The landlord had also said he would cover my dry cleaning costs of which they were quite substancial--- he never did. Since then I've moved out permanently, but I still have a friend in the building and was told that as of May 2008, unit #6 still had bedbugs. It was a horrible situation, a complete violation of my personal space and just overall an absolutely disgusting experience. The property management company, Prudenence Management Inc. (905.881.8047 - they manage several properties around the city) handled the situation incredibly irresponsibly and at one point even tried to tell me that the infestation began in my unit from the previous tenant (I had lived there for about 6 months (as of April 2007) prior to these events). I hope this helps someone.

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