210 Oak St
Toronto, ON M5A

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The superintendent is very very rude!!!!!!! Don't move into this apartment!!!!!!!!! When you go to rent the apartment, they would be good to you. After you move in, when you ask the superintendent to do something for you , or you call them , they don't care about you at all. When they talk to you, they always call you stupid if they don't understand! And they always talk bad to you! That's why there are a lot of fighting you can hear from the office everyday! And that place is very dirty, everyt

hing is very old! Too many bugs that you can find everywhere!

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Oh my God, if I start writing about this place, I will write enough to produce a book.

For starters, I and my friend were looking for a place to rent and since we both are students, this place fitted our budget very well. After we moved in the place was good for about 3 months and then suddenly cockroaches started appearing out of nowhere. They would crawl on me at night and it was nightmare. This problem has been reported many times before but the management is mute.

Secondly, the superi

ntendent is an asshole. he speaks very rudely when you call him, if ever he picks up his phone! He is always angry for no reason at all. He seems to be in his sixties or something so I don't want to be disrespectful but had he been a younger guy I would have kicked him off. He is a horrible guy, trust me. And to add cherry to the top, he doesn't even speak/understand english properly.

Thirdly, there is always a police car standing outside in the area coz some shit happens everyday. False fire alarms, theft or brawls etc. If you have a good budget then get some other good options for stay not this hell.

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we only got very short notice to move our cars outside garage due to their renovation.the superintendent is ridiculous,mean and rude

the landlord is retarded
building is dirty and infested with all kinds of bugs and creatures but he is not doing anything
do not move into this building

Not Only the building is infested with bedbugs..but the Superintendent is mentally incapacitated or maybe his brain is bedbug infested as well..He runs the place like he is in the Philippines..It seems that he is not familiar with Human Rights and Tenant & Lanlord act..He assumes all people standing infront of the building are loitering and calls them stupid for no reason. He is very aggresive towards inquiries from the public.

The Landlord has no consideration that one of his tenant is dyin

g in there and he wouldn't allow the healthcare team to enter the premises when it is obvious they have their badges and ID on them and would not allow to do their job. Apparently one of his tenant requested to have nursing visits in their apartment while the Landlord is acting like a fool.

I've contacted the Ontario Tenant & Landlord Board Representatives for him as well the 53 Police Division in regards to this matter.

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I had 1-800-Got Junk clean out my father inlaw's apartment today and they skipped the bedroom after they found a massive bed bug infestation.

we found bed bug during last winter, and we were suffered by the itchy bites. and there were alot of them, every night was like a nightmare to my family. thx god we told this to our landlord at the end, and they had some pest control ppl coming over to kill all the bed bugs..

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