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Hello to anyone interested in renting a unit at 140 Carlton Street,

first thing- check all other options before moving here. The welcoming page for 140 Carlton is very deceiving, my partner and I have lived here since July 2014 and have not felt a "spirit of home experience", we've had the complete opposite. To sum it into the smallest nut shell that I can without writing a mini short story the "professionalism" or should I lack there of/non existent care towards the tenants in this building

is very sad. I have been trying to get an issue sorted our since August and the building management wouldn't provide any details until I had become extremely rude and told them I am making a claim with the tenant board. My partner and i switched apartments back in what was supposed to be the beginning of July which turned out being almost the end of July due to the horrible disgusting state the apartment was in. We didn't receive any notification that the apartment wouldn't be ready till a certain time just that the tenant there wasn't leaving till the July 5th weekend (which we were nice and said ok as we were informed the tenant is very clean- i cried when i saw the disgusting state this person left it in) On top of not being told the floors and maintenance wouldn't be don'e for the following week we were told the bathroom wouldn't be re-done until the end of the month!!!! When we told Liz how upset we were it was like talking to a wall, she was so blaise and showed no care for the situation. I then had to have several calls with the property Manager Neil and eventually got the rent cut in half and moved in 1 week before August. In August we received 4 hydro bills to the apartment showing charges for the new apartment for July when we were told we wouldn't be charged for that whole month due to the apartment not being ready. We addressed the issue with Liz and she said she has nothing to do with the hydro bill. We then contacted the hydro company and were told they were advised by the building management that we were switching apartments in June and we started being charged for two apartments. I told Liz they needed a letter by her stating when we were able to move in and when the charges were supposed to start being applied. Tell me how I advised this info in August and September and management hadn't made a call the hydro company until almost a month after!?!? Every time we call the building Liz is not there, or been told she has left early for the day. We try to go to the office and we again are told she is not in office yet or left early for the day. I have even emailed the property manager to set up a call and no response. The energy bill is still not corrected- still haven't received any apology for any issue we have had.. NOTHING! These places aren't cheap but for the lack of care they are way over priced. Also the pool has been down for so long, half the time half the gym equipment doesn't work, and the dryers are constantly breaking with no notices on them so they take your money.ANTS. lots of Ants. If you are interested in an over priced apartments with very poor/lack of management then this is the place for you, but this place has given me more stress then anything and don't suggest it for anyone.

thank you,

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#1705. The manager of the building didn't warn us about the appearance of the bed bugs in our unit until the day we decided to move in (Sep 1st). Because the treatment didn't finish and there was no official confirmation that no more bed bug existed in our unit, it has already delayed us for 17 days. I spent a lot of money on new furniture, I really do not want it to be polluted by those bugs. Overall, I felt very disappointed about this building.

In 2013, Feb-July ish we had severe problems with bedbugs, and so did 3 other apts I know of.

Building mgmt required a lot of work to get them to deal with it. Though they set up the exterminators to come, they never bothered to tell us when. No note, no phone. Some other apts failed to prepare since building management failed to communicate. Though we got rid of the bedbugs, it took much longer than it needed to, and was quite an ordeal.

When we moved in, bldg mgr gave us a checlist of all items apparently checked out prior to our move in. All items were marked as satisfactory. But when we came in the apartment, there were a long list of items that were not tackled. We reported them and slowly several were tackled, others weren't.

One item to give you an idea of WJ Property management: Bathroom floor grouting was dirty. We tried 3 different cleaning detergents and reduced but could not get rid of the dirty look. Contacted bl

dg mgr to ask which cleaning chemicals we shd try. Got response that next time all tenants in apartment are out of town at least one week to alert them and they will remodel the bathroom.

Several months later we both were going to be out of town for prolonged period of time so we informed them that we wd be away and if they could remodel both bathrooms.

Returned from trip to find that, to my dismay, a huge mess had been made; they had retiled the floors. Not only that but they left a huge unsightly grouting mess all around. It wan't a clean, neat job. Bldg mgr told me to 'calm down'. They didn't put the bolts back on the toilet, one door no longer closed properly, and all sorts of things.

Bottom line: maintenance couldn't screw the toilets. Possibly because they didnt replace screws with longer ones when they put in new tiles which was much thicker than the original. They have yet to adjust door to close properly.

This is just one example - where instead of resolving an initial simple issue, they applied a Goliath effort that wasn't worth bldg owner's expense nor was it an investment as bathrooms now is technically in worse shape now visually with lumps of unsightly thick grouting all the way around and not done neatly either.

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Apt 1411 - We've had them twice. Once in May of 2011, and now in April of 2012. We received them from the 19th floor (#1907 which also had them in May 2011 - transferred most likely from clothing as a roomate sat on a left couch, and two weeks later we had them after not having them for a year). The first time we only saw one, and had it fumagated. The second time a year later, there were more in a different room (The fumagator said it was two different instances that we received them by). We've

given our 2 months notice and cannot wait to move out, and we are leaving all our furnature. The amount of people that have bed bugs in this apartment is so many that the staff actually have ready to use insecticides in the office.

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We live on the 6th floor, had gotten a few bug bites so decided to check and sure enough found a few. We are also very clean and tidy people, that doesn't seem to make a difference because these pests are 'hitch hikers' and can get in to your apt no matter how clean you are. Our apt is being treated tomorrow so we'll see how it goes. Staff was very helpful and efficient. The prep is a pain in the ass though.

For the recently added post. An living here for almost a year on the 20th floor and never had bedbugs or roaches . Am a very tidy person clean ! So no bedbugs. The problem is thou the building need to take their time to clean I think cleaning should be done better. Also the elevators sucks big time , very slow. Water has been shot down many times for maintainace and sometimes there is no notice . Or if there is , it doesn't happen. That's the only problem that we've saw but other than that our v

iew is amazing and building is ok due to all the amenities but the gym is so small :( 6/10 I would score it. Good luck !

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2012/03/21. I am planning to move into this building. Can anybody tell me what is the situation now?

October 20th 2011

I am once again inflicted with bedbugs.

Had my place treated 6 months ago, bought bedbug mattress covers for my mattress on my bed and couch, and they are once again back, and with a vengeance.

Will have to contact building management asap to find out how soon my place can get sprayed again.

Cannot afford to throw out my furniture it is just not in the cards for me.

I have lived here for 14.5 years. I have never had any problems with bed bugs or even heard of problems here.
The worse that I can recall is an ant problem in the Winter of 2009/2010. Building took care of that asap.


I have lived in this building for over 2 yrs and I haven't had any issues with bed bugs. I heard that the building across the street at 1 Homewood Ave has an infestation.

apt 301

i have lived in this building for 3 years now, in two separate units, and about to move into my third as i am downsizing. i have never experienced bed bugs in this building nor have friends of mine whom as well do. there are tons of residents whom have lived here for many a years now and i for one will continue doing so. elevators suck but that goes for most places. bed bugs, never an issue in three years...

i have lived in this building for 3 years now, in two separate units, and about to move into my third as i am downsizing. i have never experienced bed bugs in this building nor have friends of mine whom as well do. there are tons of residents whom have lived here for many a years now and i for one will continue doing so. elevators suck but that goes for most places. bed bugs, never an issue in three years...

I live at this address, and although I have not personally had experience with bed bugs, I have a friend in the building who has. The building response was quick and timely, helpful in supplying bags for preparation, etc. They were informative in answering questions, and only directed us to the exterminator when my friend had questions about the product(s) being used. My friend's apartment was treated on two separate occasions, as is the norm with this treatment, and has had no issues since.

This was over a year ago. I stumbles upon these other comments while searching for another apartment for myself recently and wanted to clarify that the building is well maintained, well staffed, and reasonable with their efforts and suggestions.
I highly recommend that if anyone has issues with bed bugs they look up information on how they are transported, live, and under what conditions. It is not necessarily the fault of the property, but of the person. sometimes used furniture, or used items house these critters. This was the fact for my friend who bought an older lazy boy off of Kijiji and it was the source of the bed bugs.
Although I am moving, it is not for lack of liking the building, in fact I would live here indefinitely if my employment allowed for this.

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Apt 510,

We found out we were infected on April 21, 2010. We've only been living there since January 2010. I don't believe it was a major infection but they were relatively easy to find and identify.

The landlord was fast in getting the exterminator (came the next day) but did not mention that other units had them in the building (other building staff told us). They insinuated that we brought them in, despite the presence of bed bugs in other units and I don't believe they have or will

inspect the neighbors. They also did not provide us with the phone number for the exterminator they used despite us asking because we had questions for them.

Our general opinion is that they were not terribly concerned, either because they don't care (not likely given the fast response on the exterminator, the number/contact they seemed to have memorized) or that they have seen it many times before.

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Apt. #302 April 06, 2010

We discovered an infestation of bedbugs in our bedroom in March of 2010 but bedbugs have been a probelm at this building long before that. The superintendent left this bit of news out when renting. It was only when we informed them of the horrific discovery in our bedroom / bed, that we learned that this has happened before in other units. Our unit was not fumigated before we moved in.

Not knowing any of this, we moved in and bought all new

furniture and now we have thrown out our brand NEW Queen size bed, sheets, blankets and pillows We had never had this happen before and did not even realize what was happening to us while we slept. The bedbugs were feeding on out blood and leaving blotches on our arms, back and legs.

We washed all our clothes and bagged them, covered our brand NEW sofa and recliner and dining set with palstic but we fear they may be compromised too; that's 1000's of dollars!

The fumigators have come twice and probalby will come again. We are surrounded by bag after bag of belongings, plastic covered furniture and a balcony filled with sealed boxes of our belongings ready to move out. We no longer use our bedroom and are counting the days when we can find a new place to live.

We are breaking our lease and moving out. We cannot live like this! We hope the landlord is smart enough not to try and enforce the few months remaining on our lease.

I strongly advise that anyone conidering to rent here to reconsider!

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