117 Pembroke St
Toronto, ON M5A

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Beware of BEDBUGES!!!
When I checked in, the room seemed very clean and the staff were great.
I went to bed and woke up to bed bugs crawling all over the bed and the pillows and saw few blood stains on the white sheets, which I think they might have bitten me. I only have a few bites I belive and it's not that bad.
The worst thing was the fact that I had to make sure I don't take any bedbugs or their eggs home. It was very stressful and on top of that the management changed their stories abou

t their problems with having bedbugs several times!!
I would pay a bit more next time and not risk staying at a hotel infested with bedbugs!

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I stayed here with 3 friends Dec 31 2010. At first the hostel seemed ok, though it was pretty run down. When we got back after our night out and started getting ready for bed we had some ugly surprises. When we looked at the beds we could see a few different insects on the sheets, some of which were bedbugs. We went down to tell the front desk, one of the guys came to check the room and agreed with us that it was disgusting. He offered to move us to the only other room they had available, which

was even worse. We told him no, we weren't staying and that we wanted our money back. He said he couldn't do that we'd have to get in touch with the manager, and if we had any problems he would back us up with what he saw. I spend a month and a half trying to get in touch with the manager before I finally gave up. Every time I called I was told he was out or coming in later, and of course my messages were never answered. It was an awful experience, and I really recommend staying anywhere but here.

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Friday 14th October 2011

I stayed in room 9 and woke up at 4:30 am with many bedbug bites. I went to reception and got moved to room 10, which has no bed bugs.

In the morning the guy at reception said that only the manager can give refunds and he will be back on Monday. I came back on Monday and the girl at reception was rude and sarcastic and said I should email the email address they give on the website and sit in the lobby all day until someone answers.



whole place is dirty and unsanitary. One of the rooms hadn't been cleaned. The bed had been slept in and there was food there. There are dirty bits of cloth and mattresses, derelict washing machines etc. strewn around the lower corridors.

They have loud, intimidating 'ghetto' people staying there. There are drug dealers, panhandlers and half-way houses around outside.

Hostelworld said that the room is $50 but they charged $60.

This place is a s***hole and the staff are rude and/or liars. I've complained to the Toronto city government about it.


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Sept 17 2011. Pulled back the blankets to get into bed and bed bugs were crawling in plain view. The person at the front desk could not have cared less. We left immediately. I would recommend that you DO NOT stay at the Downtowner Inn at 117 Pembroke St, Toronto. This really is a nasty, dirty place to stay.

Bed bugs everywhere. Stay away! Sept 07/2011. I have bites everywhere, I killed the bugs constantly throughout the night revealing a belly full of my blood in each!

I stayed here for 10 days in July 2011. I didn't notice the bed bugs at first. I wish I had known about this site since it looks like they've had this problem since 2008.

They will move you to another room if you ask but it didn't help. The bed bugs are everywhere.


Please be advise that this place
[Toronto Downtowner Inn]
is full of bed bug

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bed bugs are a common problem in this hostel. I recommend sleeping on the top bunk and spraying around the edge of your mattress with insect repellent every night. Also, don't tuck your sheets in if you can avoid it - don't create places that the bedbugs can hide. I also have all of my clothes tied up in plastic bags to avoid the bugs from moving into my luggage.
I've been in this hostel for 5 weeks now and I haven't been bitten since I've been taking these precautions. There is another w

oman in my room who won't listen to my advice and she gets bitten every night. Bedbugs are spreading everywhere now. Just take precaution and you'll be fine.

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Date: July 2, 2008
Location: Downtowner Inns Toronto
Details: The entire hotel was disgustingly unclean. Following a room change, we discovered bed bugs crawling on us at approximately 12:30 a.m.. We alerted the front desk clerk, who did not appear to be surprised. He simply marked the room on a sheet of paper already containing multiple markings. We decided to check-out. Although we were promised a refund, no refund was ever received. It appears that bed bugs are simply part of the char

m of this establishment! Beware!!!

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