100 Pembroke St
Toronto, ON M5A

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Stayed here for a few weeks in late 2014 through an agency calling itself Toronto Furnished Living (TFL). The apartment at 100 Pembroke Street was full of cockroaches. The guy from TFL did not respond on time and the place was left untreated while I was there.

Although I was lucky enough not to witness any bedbug outbreak in the apartment I stayed at, there was white 'treatment' powder all over the room. Just like some of the people who previously provided feedback on this location, I also s

aw mattresses thrown outside. I guess, both examples could be indicators of possible bedbugs.

I would not stay here again. Too bad I did not check this website earlier.

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Lived here for 2 years, place is $700 so I didn't expect much but I didn't think it would be THAT BAD. Management could never get rid of bed bugs in my unit, roaches are everywhere, some horrible neighbors, broken elevators all the time, horrible management.
Oh yah! About year and a half ago tenants on my floor had to call superintendent because of a very foul smell in the hall, later he discovered it was coming from the unit, upon opening it he discovered a decomposing DEAD BODY, called polic

e, later he said it was a suicide (or so he says)... Sounds like something out of a horror movie but it is true!
... Think more twice before renting here

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I lived in this building for 4 years that I went to university close by. I also have friends that lived on the 10th and 4th floors. ALL APARTMENTS HAVE BED BUGS. The super called in people to spray my place to get rid of the bugs twice, it worked for a week and the bugs came back and were more aggressive. The building has ALSO ROACHES regardless of how clean you keep your unit, I see tons of them in the kitchen if I wake up at night.
Very Long story a little shorter:

- roaches
- mattresses getting thrown out downstairs, proving that there's lots of bed bugs in the building
- I also had two homeless people living on a staircase near my door
- at one point I had a drug dealer living in an apartment next to mine, caused very bad smell of weed on the floor
- elevators are broken a lot of the time, I got stuck in one one time
- very bad smell of garbage on my floor and downstairs
- recently they started this water saving program, so they changed something on water faucet, as a result the water in my bathroom tap is barely running, can't even wash hands properly
- management will give you lip service best case, worst case will harass and or ignore you; I always see building manager Vicky yelling at someone near her office
If you can afford another 100-$200 a month by all means DO NOT RENT HERE

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Lived here from June 2011-Present. Leaving at the end of this month. This apartment is dirty, the elavators are constantly broken, management is AWFUL. In particular the manager VICKY is just awful, she tried to scam me in signing a years lease when I agreed to only 9 months (there was a choice)...she doesn't answer emails or tend to problems. I had to call her and send her many emails about a problem once, then i got a call from the building owner to "stop harassing his manager"!~!! (Had she of

responded to me in the first place I wouldnt have had to send her several emails) The maintenece guy charges you to get work done in your apt when he is already on work hours therefor getting paid. The halls stink, there is often urine on the floor of the elevators, and they are constantly renting the lobby out to film crews and they don't let you go into your own building until they are done filming their scene!!! THERE ARE BUGS!!! These people do not deserve to get another penny from anyone. The place was a mess when I moved in, with all the previous tenants things in here....and they refused to paint over the gross hair dye stains and grease from the last tenant. The stove was dirty and when i tried to cook it smoked. The fire alarms don't work....they probably never test or change them.

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This place is a nightmare. The first night I stayed there there was not heat, no toilet paper, and when I awoke in the middle of the night to get a drink of water there were four huge cockroaches on the kitchen countertop. The following nights I noticed that no matter how clean I kept the place, I always noticed roaches in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Not to mention that I had to clean the apartment the day after I arrived because it was so filthy. The management in this building is a

trocious. I called several times to make a complaint, which was met with nothing but lip service. One night I was awoken by bugs crawling on my skin. I wish I had seen this website before I had agreed to stay at this place. I want to reiterate that any complaint directed toward the current manager will go unnoticed. The man seems like a total sleeze-ball. I had to move out in only two weeks because the place was so utterly disgusting. The entire floor smelled like a litterbox, and the facilities, i.e. trash disposal, laundry, elevator, etc... are completely run down and unkept. Please do not stay at this awful apartment building. There are other nicer and more affordable accomodations in Toronto and at a much better price. Oh, and to top it off, as I was moving out, someone had piled there dresser in the lobby with a handwritten note tapped on the drawer reading "this dresser is infested with bed bugs, take care of this ASAP." It was there for two days. Lennox and Mohammad are uncaring individuals, only caring for money and not about the overall care of their tenants. Do not stay at this location. This registry was written after I moved out in the middle of January, 2012

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I'm still staying there on the 7th floor and I am ready to move out, I fckn hate this place cos it's dirty, smells like shit and the management doesn't care about us, they only care about our money. I also have bed bugs which I thnk are caused by the filthy and stinking carpets in my apartment, so please if anyone would like to move into this shitty building, please stay as far away as you can frm the seventh floor, it's hell I tell you.

I have stayed in this building for the last three years and only once did I notice two bed bugs in the apartment.The Management was very prompt and helpful in getting my apartment treated.I have no bed bugs.The building is generally quite clean and for the rent I pay it is a very good deal.In all the buildings I have stayed in during the last ten years in Downtown NOT ONE is fully Bug-free.So all in all I feel the building is in a good location and is well maintained.The staff is courteous and t

he tenants are quite friendly.

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I reserved this location through roomorama. I was not given the details of the address until within 24 hours of my reservation. I was horrified to see the number of bed bug inquiries. I spoke with Mohammed about the issue and he claimed there wasn't an issue at all and he had never heard of it. He was blatantly lying and when I called him out on it since people on this website quoted him. He said it would be fine to cancel the reservation. They have not treated the issue at this l

ocation. Do not go here.

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we are a couple looking for move into this building on short term rentals in future. would request someone living currently to advise on bed bugs issues? is it solved? is the building renovated and previous issues like roaches etc are solved.

I have stayed on the third floor for 3 years from 2008 to 2011 (August). I have just moved out due to a job relocation. However, my apartment did have a minor infestation of bed bugs in 2010, but the management was very quick to resolve the issue, they did the treatment free of charge and I did not have any bed bugs in my apartment after that at all. I don't blame the building for this because almost every other building is infested with bed bugs in Toronto and most other buildings I know in To

ronto leave the treatment to the tenants.

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After I had spoken to Mohahhed about reserving a room w/ a deposit of $100 is when I found this thread.

I had told him I was staying until the 21st of September so that was a guaranteed $1200.

I strongly believe in everything happens for a reason. I had my credit card ready w/ the deposit...he NEver took it.

Thank god because I then found this thread, so I wanted to thank you guys for saving me...plus his own ignorance.

His attitude was uncaring, non-chalant and then t

o add insul to injury, I let him know that the reason I'm not booking because of the reports of the verbal abuse, mice, roaches & bedbugs....do you think he even replied? not even to defend himself!!

So, that goes to show you how much he cares about his business, his reputation and his potentail customers that are honest, drug-free & well-paying.

J. Stiles.

P.s Thanks again everyone!

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The 4th floor of this apartment building is infested with bed bugs. I didn't have them when I moved in and it took about 6 months until it became an issue. Now the unit is completely infested. I am going to have to throw out my mattress, and packing and cleaning before moving out is going to be a lot of work. I wouldn't move into this apartment building for any reason even though the rent is affordable. It isn't worth the head ache in the future. The female manager is also a nightmare to deal wi


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Tomorrow will be August 1st, 2011. I have been dealing with roaches since I moved in January - insane amounts of roaches. In the past month I had a bed big infestation and the building manager and super were not appropriately responsive to the issue. They said it was my fault and they were not going to help me deal with the issue at all, except to bring the company to spray. It was days before the professionals came in and I currently still have bed bugs. They are coming in to spray again mi

d next week. I have had to throw away my desk, expensive executive chair, my side tables... even my tv! This issue has cost me $700 in receipts for basic needs and that does not cover the cost of everything I threw away, not by a long shot. To add insult to injury, the building manager actually made fun of me for having so much laundry because of the bed bugs and has been extreemely rude and unhelpful regarding this issue. The girl who lives below me is moving out because of this bed bug issue as well. I think it ends up being cheapper to pay a higher rent else where and not have people who are responsible for turning your life upside down even laugh in your face. My advice is that you run as fast as possible in the other direction!

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How is the bed bug/cockcroaches issue now, anyone know? My bf and I are thinking of moving in, in Sept 2011 and I see the March 2011 post still talks about bedbugs...
Due to our financial restrictions, the rent here seems affordable... so, is it really bad? The suite we're going to see is all renovated.

Thanks for any comments :)

this building is disgusting. not only were we lied to regarding the issue of bugs upon moving in, but management is extremely unhelpful and extremely rude to tenants attempting to deal with the problem. the superintendant is much more understanding than the building manager though, i would suggest speaking to him about any issues first.
I have spoken to many other tenants in the building and it is obvious that not only are bedbugs an issue through out the ENTIRE building, but management does a

terrible job of ensuring the issues are effectively dealt with in a timely manor.
You'd think it would be obvious that a surface treatment of individual apartments will not control the issue, it simply pushes the bugs away from YOUR walls until the pesticide dissipates, then they can return. the building won't be clean until it is treated in entirety, which is unlikely considering the general state of the building as a whole..
oh, and the cockroaches are giant and ubiquitous.
i'd recommend looking in another building.

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Bedbugs and Cockroaches are a huge problem in the building at 100 pembroke and is not isolated to individual apartments. The upkeep on the building is extremely low and the management puts little to no effort into it. Tenents still living there prior to the renovations are also paying alot less but have unfinished units. For the price it's not worth the risk.

I've lived here for about one year (ninth floor), and I've had a couple of isolated incidents (i.e., found one bed bug), but nothing too terrible. There are definitely cockroaches though. Giant ones.

We had a horrible experience with bedbugs. As per other reports, the exterminating services used by the landlord were inadequate as was the manager who was verbally abusive to us. Prior to moving in, we were lied to about the infectations that we read about on-line.

I should have listened to my instincts and never rented there!

1101 was definitely infested! I had to throw away my mattress that would have otherwise had at least 4 more years left on it if it weren't for bed bugs infesting it. My guess is the whole building is infested cuz I see mattresses thrown out all the time. I've just moved to another apartment because of the bedbug problems there. The only big piece of furniture that I brought with me was a simple leather bench. It might have carried one or two here though now cuz I just spotted two the other day.

And also...this one that im living at now...freaking has roaches and now was just woken up to a disgusting small mouse crawling on my arm. WTF>!>!>!?!? I dont think you can get anything decent to live in in Toronto unless you buy a new condo.

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100 Pembroke is full of bedbugs.

Apt. 402 was invested with bed bugs on an off for the whole two years I lived there. Management will pay for an exterminator when bed bugs are reported, but I found that they were slow in responding and the company they use routinely missed things and never fully eradicated the bugs. Management was also slow to get organized and book appointments quickly. The exterminator also doesn't leave summary reports for the tenant. I took to using my own service that I paid for out of my own pocket.

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