434 Parliament Street
Toronto, ON M5A 2Z7

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I also live in this building. We got a call from the landlord that there were bugs in an apartment that we shared all wall with. We took precautionary measures, especially since two closets and a laundry room were on that wall. My room still ended up getting some. But because he warned us and we were on a lookout for them, we caught them very early. After that, the landlord has had an exterminator in a couple times, gave us some hints, and now we're thinking that they've moved on!

My point is

that I wouldn't avoid this place because of a bug issue that happened over one summer. It's downtown Toronto, bugs are everywhere. Someone probably just picked them up from the streetcar. 434 Parliament is not a perfect place (as in don't expect a Bay-Bloor Condo), but apartments are big And the rent is spectacular, the landlord is fantastic and deals with all your problems swiftly, the neighbourhood is stellar and everything you could ever need is within a block of here. The trick is being prepared.

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434 Parliament Street - Apartment 4A. Used to live there. Roommate started getting bites 6 weeks before reporting anything to me. I steamed sealed sprayed and got the hell out of there. After the apartment was sprayed, roommate told me (s)he never even checked her bed during the cleanup process, and it was full of bed bugs. Roommate then threw it out. This is AFTER the spray (which I hear doesn't work well). AND when they were still probably present, Roommate caulked the baseboards, probably sea

ling them into the apartment for good. I told her to tell the landlord to spray again. Probably didn't. Avoid avoid avoid.

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