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Date of this post is January 17, 2013. Not sure how I got them, but I have bed bugs in my unit since mid-November, south tower, and I'm still trying to get rid of them 2 months later. I was getting bites on my hands and arms at night. For me the reaction to the bite is instantaneous. One night I was wakened by a very painful bite. I put the light on and saw a bug crawling on my sheet. I made careful note of what it looked like before I squished it. I called Property Management the next da

y and they sent Abell Pest Control in for an inspection. The technician couldn't find anything. I scheduled treatment with the Property Management. I then hired Premium Bed Bug Prep to prepare my unit for treatment. They brought in a sniffer dog who alerted to 2 locations, one in the master bedroom beside the bed and one in the living room. The smaller bedroom and all other rooms and closets were clear. They could not see any bugs or eggs or any indication of infestation on the bed or near it. I was told that I probably had only a few bugs, but even one is too many. They need to be completely eliminated. Nearly everything I own was bagged, heat treated and put on my balcony and in the guest bathroom so the Abell technician could apply the poison. Premium Prep vacuumed and steamed all furniture and baseboards. Abell treated the unit and then I had to wait 2 weeks. After one week I was bitten again in my bed, so I scheduled another vacuum/steam with Premium and another treatment with Abell. 2 more weeks to wait. Just as I thought I was all clear, an adult bug crawled across my shirt while I was in the living room watching TV on Jan 16. So I'm going to have the sofa vacuumed and steamed again, and if that doesn't end it then I don't know what to do next. I thought it was very unusual to see a large adult bug after more than 2 weeks without being bitten. I was concerned that it came from next door through the wall. Let me tell you that Property Management outright refused to notify the owners on either side or above and below me of my infestation. They also refused to inspect the units or treat them at the same time mine was treated. It is very likely that the bugs went into the wall or even next door after the spraying. My neighbour on one side found 2 bugs in his bathroom the day after my unit was sprayed. One died and the other eventually died. So they can move between units. Who knows, mabye one of my other close neighbours is completely infested and won't tell anyone. Property Management paid for the first 2 treatments by Abell and said I would be responsible for any further treatment. If I need further treatment, I advised Property Management that I would not pay until I saw a report stating that all units around mine were clear. I have already paid over $1,500 for Premium Prep/sniffer dog - it's a huge job to prep your place. Our Property Management is not handling the bed bug issue satisfactorily. If they continue with their current approach, this building will never be free of bed bugs.

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The bug lady owns several suites and rents them out short term furnished putting everyone at risk. I don't know if she is responsible for the state of the bedbugs in the building. They had rules against short term furnished rentals as do most buildings but she got here self on the board and the first thing she did was have this rule removed to everyone’s detriment and her own benefit.

September 23, 2010

Below is an email I sent to management and the Board today. Please remember that this management and Board are new and this email brings to attention the previous Board and management.

I can’t stress enough the importance of your memo to the residents the other day that discussed the bed bug problem.

Three and a half years ago we experienced a minor infestation of the critters in our unit. I can’t tell you the stress this caused
us and the money

it cost us to get rid of them. We had to have the carpeting replaced in the bedrooms as well as buying
a new bed. The corporation covered the first visit of the exterminator and we were responsible after that. The total cost
to us was around $3,000.00. The cost was high due to the fact that we took all precautions and had the exterminator
back just to make sure.

I contacted Toronto Public Health and they stated (three and a half years ago) that it was imperative that the management
communicate to the residents the potential of the building becoming infested. They stressed the importance that the management
does exactly what you and the current Board have done. Educate the residents of the potential and what to look for. They even offered
to come to the building and hold a brief seminar in the party room to inform the residents of the problem what precautions could
be taken.

They stated that the most important thing to do when a unit is infested and the resident is disposing of a mattress is to enclose
the infested mattress in a mattress bag. If a mattress is brought through the hallway and in the elevator, the bugs can leap off
the mattress and hide in the baseboards in the hallway and make their way into other suites. They also suggested to get rid
of the clothing bins in the recycle rooms and have all the furniture treated in the lobby and all baseboards on every floor. They also
stated it is imperative to let the residents on both sides of us as well as above and below us that we had this problem and for them
to check their units for any sign of them. I was told by the property manger to do no such thing.

I relayed all this information to the previous management and the Board at that time via email (three and a half years ago) and
received no response what so ever. I even kept one of the bugs in a sealed jar and brought it to the office to let people know
what they look like. The property manager told me to “get that thing out of here”. I stated to her that if nothing is done, we
will end up with a serious problem and that inaction is a recipe for disaster and she replied by stating “I will take that under advisement”.
Over time my worst fears were realized and it was necessary for management to bring in a specialized dog in to the north tower to sniff out
the source of an infestation on that fifth floor.

The units that have reported infestations to management are only the tip of the iceberg here at Celebrity Place. I know of several
units that have had them and have dealt with them on there own.

Here we are today! We are now listed in the Toronto Bed Bug Registry as an infested building! Just great for someone selling
their unit. All of this could have been alleviated if only the previous management and Board had taken the situation seriously three
and a half years ago!

I would like to thank management and the Board for being proactive and viewing the seriousness and severity of this problem.

Best regards,


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77 Maitland Place in Toronto, has officially admitted to its residents on 22 September 2010 that there had been "a few complaints regarding bedbugs in the South Tower". The notice goes on to say "Treatments have been applied to the units involved and the situation is under control." ... "RThe units involved have been treated and a block dust treatment has been applied to surrounding units where was necessary." ... The pest control company will apparently be doing a random inspection of the So

uth Tower this week. I live in the South Tower and have had no incidence of bed bugs.

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I found 1 bedbug in my condo in this building on the 6th floor. I thought I'd brought it home accidentally from somewhere else.

I cleaned, vacuumed, sprayed and only ever saw the one bug.

Now I'm thinking maybe it just moved in from one of the other condos in the building.

Who is this "bug lady"? Does management know about her?

Munroe - do you definitely have bed bugs and have you contacted management? What is being done? Also, who is this "bug lady"? Is it well known that she has bugs? I live in the building, too, and this is very disturbing to me.

If this is the case, you should be contacting your Management Office immediately as they will arrange to have the unit treated as soon as possible. It is imperative that you do this immediately.

Interesting, very interesting. I live in the building and had an unexplained infestation. I live alone and no one stays over. I wanted to say something but was afraid. I live on the same floor as the "bug lady". I don't know what I should do. I've tried everything including getting rid of my bed. Maybe instead of fighting we could work together to get rid of them? Open to resolve this.

These reports are false and full of lies and errors. The building in question does not have guest suites. There are some furnished corporate rental units in the building which I own andor manage. I am the person obviously referred to by Bogart. I do not rent by the day or week. Of the five furnished condos that I handle, for the 3-month period from January to March of this year (the time frame supposedly suggested as being when the complainant was bitten after a weekend stay in a guest suit

e which does not exist), two of my units were occupied by long-term residents and 3 were vacant for that time period.

Since discovering this false report, as a precaution, yesterday I had all my furnished units checked by the pest control company who works in this building (at my cost, I might add). All units received a clear report with no infestations whatsoever. I will be happy to produce this report to whomever wishes to see it.

The management office has no record of receiving any calls or complaints as referenced in the report by "Fed-up". I would assume that if I rented a unit to someone and it was found to be infested, I would immediately hear from that person which I certainly did not.

This is clearly an attack on me personally and my business operations, the board of our building and our management company by someone with a personal agenda.

I have requested that these postings be removed from this site and will take legal action if they are not removed.

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Feb/2010. I stayed over the weekend at one of the guest suites my friend booked at 77 Maitland Place for the month. My life hasn't been the same. On the first day we woke with a few red marks on our body and neck area. Didn't think anything of it, thought it may be a reaction to something in the bed sheets like soap or something. Turned out to be bedbugs and I brought them back to my place and now I have to get rid of my bed and other furnishings. I called the management about a week later to

try to track down my friend and they denied having guest suites. I don't get it, but I am not through with this yet.

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