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This woman is a scam artist, a thief, and a psychopath. Avoid her and her scam business if you don't want to get ripped off! She owes me $2500!

Sugar ants are a problem. They aren't the huge black ants like in other buildings, but the teeny brown ones. They aren't the worst, but I've found a couple nests before which can be kind of gross. More recently there's a lot of little black beetles and what might have been a cockroach, or some other kind of bigger beetle.

The apartment has been under construction and I think that's what is letting a bunch of bugs in. Also it's an older building and they don't do any yearly maintenance like r

ecalking holes or anything, but they're pretty good about repairs if you ask.

On the plus side it's a quiet building and the supers are really nice.

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Thinking of moving here - any news?

I meant now that I've been here a while. Anyways, THIS PLACE IS DISGUSTING AND INFESTED WITH ANTS. That is the reality and truth here. If you can handle ants and don't mind them constantly scouring for food and all over your stuff then move on in! Be ready to deal with it. And look below, at least the comments are consistant: This place has ants. And I've waisted my year in this building because now I have to move or live with ants, THANKS 66 ISABELLA.

@FrustratedTenant, I wouldn't be disrespecting other posters by calling their reviews suspicious. Mine was after yours and I happen to live in the building as well. I have had ants too, but I sprayed poison (that was recommended for outdoors but hey it worked great) and recocked a few holes and I don't have the issue anymore. If you have them all over the place that bad, its because they are getting food from your place so they all go to your unit. The reason they are going to the boxes is to hi

de from the poison, if you put your cereal in containers (which you seem to know to do, so it seems suspicious as to why you wouldn't do this...to use your term), then the ants won't have anywhere to go. I've done this, and the ants are gone. If the ants are your biggest issue, feel free to look around the city. I researched every single apartment building in the city, and ants are the least of people's worries. Hell 33 Isabella Street has a major bed bug problem, so they'd take your ants willingly. If you want to live in a bubble, pay extra and live in a condo (btw a friend of mine lives in one by the lake and she has a serious spider problem).

There's this thing called Christmas, maybe you've heard of it? where some people get new furniture. I got a new table for Christmas myself, so of course the old one would get thrown out.

Please don't listen to this tenant, the building is fine; I have lived in far worse buildings in my life time, and he won't be missed when he moves out.

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I also wanted to mention a recent discovery that has made me post on this site about the ant problem. THE ANTS WERE IN MY CEREAL. My cereal that was in my top cupboards. I had the cereal in the rolled bag, with two bag clips, as usual, and had the bag in the box, closed with the tab. I noticed ants appearing inside the box, between the cardboard and bag, I checked the bag and it looked ant free and I ASSUMED THE CLIPS AND ROLL WERE PREVENTING THEM FROM GETTING INSIDE. The cereal I buy is assorte

d grain, therefore, ants would be hard to notice. After discovering ants between the bag and cardboard constantly for the last month or so, I recently took the bag and put it under a bright light, spreading out the cereal thinly to check for ants. THERE WERE PLENTY OF ANTS INSIDE THE BAG IN THE CEREAL AND YES I PROBABLY ATE ANTS A NUMBER OF TIMES WITHOUT NOTICING. I NOW PUT THE CEREAL IN PLASTIC CONTAINERS. The ants OF COURSE have been on the container despite poison in the kitchen. Obviously, having cereal in containers is a good idea in general, but if this building was actually clean and acceptable, I WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HAVING ANTS IN MY CEREAL AND CUPBOARDS. I don't leave food lying around and my place is always very clean. Therefore the fact there are ants everywhere scouring for food constantly proves there is a serious ant problem within the walls of this building. THEY SHOULD BE FORCED TO TRULY TAKE CARE OF THE ISSUE RATHER THEN HAVING THEIR OWN TENANTS MASK THE PROBLEM WITH CONSTANT POISON.

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THIS PLACE IS BRUTAL. I moved into this building a few months ago. I actually referenced this site, which is why I'm particularly upset. THIS PLACE IS MAJORLY INFESTED WITH ANTS. IT'S DISGUSTING!! Ants are constantly EVERYWHERE. I find it hard to believe the comments that say it's not a big deal because my apartment has ants in the kitchen, washroom and living space. In the sinks, walking on the walls, the counter, coffee table, ON MY COMPUTER SCREEN CONSTANTLY. IT'S EMBARASSING. I'm a VERY CLEA

N person, and to have insects everywhere all the time is stressful! THESE COMMENTS ARE MISLEADING AS I LIVE HERE RIGHT NOW AND THIS PLACE HAS A MAJOR ANT INFESTATION PROBLEM. IT'S ALSO FREEZING AND HAS SERIOUS INCELATION ISSUES. THE ONLY SOLUTION THE BUILDING HAS IS TO USE ANT POISON. USE IT EVERYDAY, THEY'RE STILL EVERYWHERE. Do not be mislead, these last few comments are suspicious since I live here right now, and plan to move immediately when my lease expires. I can't handle this ant problem. I have lived in apartments with no insect problems so don't make excuses like staff. It's also a very busy building, elevators constantly in service, with staff always hanging around and blocking the driveway. I will say the common areas are generally clean. I haven't had a problem with bedbugs, but there is always used items and furniture in the stairwell and behind the building, which is concerning.

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I've lived in this building for a month now and I have to say it is one of the best buildings in the city. You hardly every hear anything after 9:30 at night on a week day. When the elevator opens at other floors, the cooking actually smells good. People are super nice in regards that they'll hold doors open for you, and speak to you in the elevator. I had a tiny ant problem on my bathroom counter when I moved in. Bought some ant foam and ant traps. Used the foam maybe three times and they are a

ll gone, other than that one spider and that's it. I'm on the 17th floor and the building is very well taken care of. My unit shows a bit of wear, but nothing that you can't possibly live with. You can't beat the location, plus I see the supers every morning when I leave for work and am always greeted with a smile and a hello or good morning; that goes a long way. I researched just about every apartment building in the downtown core before settling on this one. It had the best ratings and I loved my unit the second I saw it. If you have the opportunity to move in here, DO IT...I promise you'll never regret it.

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Lived here for 3 yrs and never had a problem. In fact never heard from anyone else having bedbugs either. Saw a couple ants but that's it.
***Supers are great and building is well-kept.
I recommend this building.

I live at 66 Isabella currently for about a year. I have never seen any bedbugs or any insects for that matter, except for the occassional ant. I find if you don't leave any food or food sources around they are not seen. Otherwise I only had one spider one time. Other places I lived in the city have had roaches and such, but this place is clean. I have reported dirty places previously. I am loving this place this last year and just renewed my lease. The supers and overall upkeep of this place is

top notch. For apartments, from my experience of living in many, this is the best "kept" and very clean.

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We've lived here three years on the 9th floor and we've never had bedbugs. In the summer, little red ants eat our catfood and anything lying around. I think they're mostly after the water and are mostly innocuous.

Anyways, friendly building with good supers.

been here 5 years, never had them. don't want them. if they are here, i believe i would have heard about it by now. If you do have them. I am sure they came in with you. Supers are great. and would deal with such a problem immediately.

I lived at this place for two years and never had any problems. I lived on the 15th floor; in the supposed "infested" zone and never saw more than a tiny little ant munching on the jam I'd neglected to wipe off of the counter.

The Supers here were always SO nice and helpful, and I find it hard to believe that they would neglect to deal with the problem properly (they live in the building after all). Obviously I can't say for certain that the claims of infestations are not true, since I don't

live here any more, but for what it's worth I loved living here and if it wasn't for the construction that was supposed to start on the balconies I would probably move back.

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I’ve never had a problem and any time I have had to talk to the staff they have been helpful. This is a nice clean place to live.

I've just come through my THIRD episode in 16 months ... some supers/prop. managers are more than helpful, others ("anonymous"??) not so much ... if someone has bugs, isn't it a little irresponsible for someone else to claim the building is totally bug-free? Unless of course they're more concerned about attracting new tenants than solving problems. In this last encounter, I put my broader concerns in writing, and have had no written response to that letter -- no assurance that apts around, above

, and below have also been treated.

Obviously it's not just 10th-17th floors, as another occupant wrote. I'm not on those floors.

Come on folks, this is a huge problem, especially dt in all large cities ... let's work together for solutions, instead of denying and blaming.

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I've lived at 66 Isabella for 4.5 years now and never had bedbugs. I'm below the ten's floor. I have the occasional minuscule ant that have a spray that does control them, but they do re-appear from time to time. The Super has offered to fumigate, but i've held off as it is only a small problem.

There are absolutely no bed bugs at this location. I have never had any problems and the supers are always very helpful.

This place is spotless - any building that is dust and cobweb free in places like behind the washers and dryers definitely does not have a bedbug problem.

If you have them it's because you brought them in. Take care of it please.

Pest control companies provide instructions on how to prep units for treatment and these instructions are provided to tenants. If they are followed it makes it easy for the technician to do their jobs. If not, then the treatment won't work. Being co-operative and respectful goes a long way.

Had them in my apartment twice within a year. Supers were less than helpful, only doing what they were absolutely required to do by the law. Instead, I was repeatedly accused of bringing them in.

No details (when, where) yet because I fear repercussions from Supers. Will be leaving ASAP and updating these details then.

Having said that, it seems obvious to me that the downtown area is full of bedbugs. Why can't people just cooperate and work to get rid of the problem together?!?

There is no bedbug "infestation" at this location.
There are very few buildings in Toronto that can boast being bug-free. There is the occasional ant problem but the supers deal with them promptly or at least provide advice on how to get rid of them.
Someone has been spreading rumours that are unsubstantiated.

i've lived at 66 for a few years now and i've not had any issues with bugs however the main hallways aren't always cleaned, sometimes they aren't vacummed for weeks at a time.

the building is well maintained overall and the supers are friendly. the younger guy doesn't like to help out, he only does what he has to where the older couple always go out of their way to assist you.

the management office is a different story. they are rude and don't care about tenants.

building is full of them. at least from the 10th floor to the 17th.
Moved the hell out....

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