60 Gloucester St
Toronto, ON M4Y
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No bedbugs at this location. As another tenant stated, the ant issue was addressed, though in a somewhat clumsy manner. Superintendents are civil and responsive when asked for assistance. I try to keep in mind that they must answer to Greenwin, a company which must be difficult to deal with.

I do have to point out that this building is in a state of transition, with many departures, new arrivals and the original core of long-time tenants quickly growing smaller. No longer a peaceful place or

quiet, but remains relatively clean and bug free.

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The last report was supposedly in 2010.
Management IS very friendly, but define what is friendly. If your idea of friendly is a Bubbly fake smile every morning, then the answer is no. However, they are very approachable, very kind and always concerned for any issues the tenants may have.

Some of us have lived here for over 20 years and have seen different supers come and go. I would say that this couple make the top 3. They have a passion for gardening and have truly made our b

uilding presentable.

Pharoah ants, a city problem, have been addressed, not just in some units, but management took it upon themselves to address the whole building since Pharaoh ants divide colonies and multiply.

Also, given the building, area and upgrades, they have pushed strict selectivity in terms of tenants. So Greenwin, in particular for this building, ensures full credit check and reference checks.

So, no bed bugs, no bed bugs no bed bugs.

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I dispute the assertion that the super is friendly. He may be friendly to tenants at 60 Gloucester, but I have found him QUITE THE OPPOSITE at another Greenwin building in the area for which he sometimes fills in.

Hi There,

I live on the 8th floor - I've been in the building now for 6 months (Nov 2011) and definitely have to say no reports of bed bugs here. I reviewed your site and was a little worried with the comment by the bedbug reviewer of course my biggest worry living in a city like Toronto is our little friends invading my home and piece of mind.

With that said, I wanted to pipe in to say - I'm VERY happy with this building - as mentioned the new supers are great, the building is clean and

quiet and no critters to speak of. If you're considering this building thumbs up here!

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I moved in on the 5th floor recently and am grateful to have had no issues so far. The current superintendent couple have also been very friendly and helpful throughout my moving in and getting settled process.

They sprayed last October on the 5th floor.. Management (at the time - with the previous super) was very responsible and sprayed all the adjacent apartments..

All was good.. however.. the person who brought the beg bugs in is a tenant.

This past May a lady in the building discovered bites and contracted a private company to spray her unit.. All fine and good.. but the lady above her who didn't have her unit sprayed in now reporting bed bugs bites.. - so its only a matter of time before i

ts spreads through the entire building.. especially considering that the main source of the bugs is right below the laundry room (arrgggh)

Management is not informing any of the other tenants about any of this reports and the current super has just told everyone that he leaving -- as off next Friday..

not a good combination..

Rent at your own Remorse !

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