6 Cawthra Sq
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Dear Readers!

When a tenant, one of six, informed about a bed bug issue in August 2010 the landlord took action and found no trace of any bed bug in that unit or in the building. The untrue and outdated five year old posting by an ex tenant, who moved without notice, still remains in this registry. Unfortunately, the registry has not been updated since 2010 malicious posting.

Further, please note that "Susannablue" who made postings in 2010 and 2012 still resides at 6 Cawthra Square de

spite her posting as 'movingsoonthankgod on 03/31/2012'. Again, it is unfortunate that these postings are still remaining in this registry.

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I am presently living in an apt. in this house at 6 Cawthra Square, downtown. I have lived here 1 1/2 years and have developed a serious back problem. I am on the second floor, and the stairs are a big problem for me now. There is a suitable apt. on the ground floor avail. right now. The landlord refuses to let me move to this other ground floor apt., even tho I have agreed to pay the new, higher rent. I have had to contact the Human Rts. Comm. to file a complaint -- as I am considered disa

bled, I have provided proof in writing and advised the landlord of same -- and the landlord then has a "duty to accommodate" me and let me transfer to another avail. apt. -- but he still refuses. I am not sure if he has been served as yet with his copy of my Human Rts. Comm. complaint. Note: The Charter of Rights & Freedoms, and the Human Rights Code, are very clear in this matter. In any case, this landlord is horrible, will not spend a penny here -- even though there are several serious issues at play, presently and for some time now, that affect the safety and security of the tenants. The landlord's god is money, and his opinion of this house is that "It's only a rental." I have to assume that means we are "only tenants," then, to him -- and, what? Less than human? Scum? Do not rent here if you can help it. I now can only, as a senior on a pension, afford to move my belongings down one flight of stairs -- I cannot afford a big move out of this building. BEWARE!!!!! Nothing is ever repaired here, and sex crimes go on in the basement, by the caretaker, who is the landlord's right-hand man -- and the activities have at least been reported to the police by us -- why the landlord is refusing my apt. transfer, actually -- he thinks I will then just move out, and he really wants me right out -- HA!!! I don't think so. The landlord is also not firing the caretaker (Tony), and the caretaker is still coming around the building on a regular basis, which we do not like -- he does not live here, is only supposed to be doing work over here -- and he is also very allergic to work, re. repairs, etc.

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I currently live at this address, and am hoping anyone who might potentially be renting at this address in the future reads this. Please do yourself a favour and do not rent a place it. It has been a horrendous experience. There are still bugs here, I have been robbed (and suspect the super's involvement), have never seen anything around here get fixed, despite repeated pleas and reminders. i have cought the super masturbating to women's panties in the laundryroom, and bring down crack-addicted

hookers for sex. This place is a total violation of municipal property laws, tenants rights, and common decency.

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Christina -- I met Justin -- are you in 1 or 2?

I live here and am concerned to hear this! Did you file a complaint with the Tenant board? I would like to contact you if that is possible.

To whomever left the other report -- I have rented your unit, to move in on or after Sept. 1st. Thank you for putting your report on this site!!!!! I note your message was cut back, or edited, in the last 2 or 3 days -- cut back by you? (I am also charged $850/mo. -- I notice that info. is not in your message on this site as it stands today, but it was in your report before, a few days ago, if I recall correctly, the monthly rent amount? What else is now missing from your report? Anything?)

The Caretaker, when showing me the apt., did not mention to me re. the bed bug problem -- I am to meet him to get the keys on Wed. -- I will ask him about it, and is he going to have the place professionally sprayed, or not? (That is the landlord's responsibliity, BTW, not the tenants, to get hte work done and also pay for the spraying.) I want it done before I move anything in there, obviously!!! (I have until about Sept. 21st to get all moves in, in actuality, so there's time.) If the Caretaker refuses to get the place professionally sprayed, like all of it, under the baseboards, etc., then I will do it myself -- and when I move out, I will make a claim at the Landlord & Tenant Board, 79 St. Clair E., to get my money back that way. I suggest you do the same, re. your belongings and clothes, and furn. (I did see your furn., in fact, I sat on your couch -- and the Caretaker never mentioned a word re. bugs! Nice.) I will keep all receipts. for the Board, re. spraying, if I have to arrange to get it done myself, by some reputable Pest Control place. (It's too late for me to find another apt. for Sept. 1st -- all the students are taking up the cheaper places right now, too, so it's hard to find something else right at this time, as well.) How long were you living in this unit, BTW???? Go and look at the report I have just left for 15 Dundonald St., where I am moving out of!!!!

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I was forced to move from this building because of bed bugs in my unit. The caretaker refused to believe that I had bed bugs even though I was covered in bites and found one live bug on my purse during the day, and another on my shirt when I was moving out. He told me not to say anything to the other tenants. He came in himself and sprayed the couch and the bed a couple of times, which was a total waste of time. The overall maintenance of the building is horrendous. After two months I was still

getting bites and the whole situation was driving me crazy so I found a new place to live. I left all of my furniture and threw out almost all of my belongings. I hired professionals to clean my clothes. The whole nightmare cost me over thousands of dollars in damages and repairs.

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