596 Church St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Would be great full for update of this location. Do you still have issues with bed bugs since 2010. Thank you kindly!

to "Arthur B"

Just so you are aware of your rights as a tenant. The landlord is legally obligated to take action to get rid of the bed bugs. If the land lord does not at least make some sort of effort (i.e. pay for exterminators to come spray, etc) then you have grounds to terminate the lease. The Ontario landlord tenant board website has information about this so check it out. The landlord cannot force tenants to pay for this.

I saw treated AND still wake up with massive bites. This building is so old it will always have places for bugs to hide, stay away!

The entire top floor is infested with one confirmed case on the 2nd floor. The Landlord did not inform tenants of the building infestation and threatened to charge tenants for treatment. He also did not perform the standard three week follow up visit (to kill new bugs hatched from eggs). The place is managed by a slum lord, avoid this building.

I live in apartment 5 (I beleive the above noted appartment was a typo, it was 4 that first had it), at any rate, every apartment on the top floor has bed bugs. I am not sure below what the deal is. Avoid this place, its hell.

Our neighbours in apartment #5 mentioned having bedbugs. They sprayed last week, but no word yet whether on they're all gone or not. So far nobody else has reported them, but this is a very old building that has not been taken care of, and there is a very active mouse population that crosses easily between apartments, so who knows?

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