56 Maitland St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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I don't live here, but check out this video of a tenant at 56 Maitland who had a SERIOUS case:

NOT A BEDBUG IN SIGHT! I lived here for almost 2 years and wished I had never moved. The place is extremely clean, The landlord and Landlady are amazing and have always done everything they could do for their tenants. They go above and beyond their duties. It is the friendliest and cleanest apt. that I have lived in downtown TO. Anyone who says otherwise has a personal agenda. I hope to move back soon:)

No bed bugs, but we were on the first floor here in the summer of 2010 and had a HUGE ant problem. We wound find hundreds of little ants everywhere and tried our best to get rid of them, we used to find them everywhere.

Let me tell you, Jez on 05/21/2009, 56 Maitland was empty during 2009. You must have the wrong address. Francine is the super in 58 not 56. Get you facts straight before posting shit.

unfortunatebedbugfood on 01/16/2011
56 Maitland only has 4 floors and less than 20 apartments on the floor. Get your facts straight before you put shit on the Internet.

I am a tenant at 56 Maitland and it is very clean and well maintained. There are NO bedbugs in this building. I am very happy to live


People like you make me mad when you slander without the correct information

The supers are very helpful and maintain the building very well.

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I had bed bugs in the apartment when moving in. I didn't realize until I had left for a month or so and when I got back, I went to relax on my bed... until I saw this mysterious bug crawling around on my bed.....

BED BUG!!!!!

Realized that everything that accidentally got stashed under my bed was INFESTED with little tiny baby bed bugs. Hundreds of them. Disaster.

I had to go downstairs and tell the management. They sprayed and steam cleaned the apartment, and I filled all the crack

s in my bedroom walls with caulken. They are no longer visible but I dont believe they have left. Dont move into this building, as there are about 20 apartments per floor, and there are 33 storeys, that totals 660 apartments, and it is safe to assume that there are approximately 3 people living in each apartment, thats almost 2000 people for the bedbugs to feed off of!! DONT MOVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My partner and I moved into this building in November of 2006. Around Christmas time we started to notice black spots on the sheets, my wife had little red marks on her hands, wrists and ankles, and we weren\'t sleeping terribly well.

Diagnosis: BedBugs.

This being our first encounter with these rather unpleasant little pests, we followed protocol to the letter, hundres of dollars in Laundry, living out of plastic bags for 3 weeks and having the entire unti sealed at the floors, ceiling,

and around windows.

We were professionally sprayed, and literally 6 months to the day, I saw another one in our tub of all places. I immediately gave notice and we moved to a newer building.

They are a nightmare.

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Ok, I just want to say that "daniel" has the wrong building. Francine is the super at 58 maitland street, not 56.

I lived there for almost a whole year on the first floor before the fire and never had any problems. I never heard of any of my immmediate neighbours or others that I spoke to in the building having bed bug issues either. This may have been a problem previously, but it was not a problem for me or the tenants that I knew.

I lived in this building for an entire year I had NO bed bugs there whatsoever at the time, just a really moody dickhead of a neighbour living underneath me. Besides that the Landlord (Francine) is thee most sweetest and accomodating person/Landlord I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Bed bugs are a nuisance and an epidemic across the entire downtown core. THE CITY needs to come up with a plan to get rid of the problem head on. They're running rampant in several buildings, hotels and hospita

ls even, in the downtown core. They're a BIG problem in New York as well (just visited) CALL YOUR CITY COUNCILLOR and get him/her to get off their asses.

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Entire building infested - informed by landlord issue has been going on (off and on) for the past 7-years. PCO came to spray and bugs came back. We have sinced moved!!!

Our building was sprayed for bedbugs back in April, 2007 although we had no symtoms (just taking precautions). My unit as of now, is infested with adult sized bed bugs in August 2007. There have now been two known infestations since we first moved in at Feb 2007!

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