55 Maitland St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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What about now? I'm thinking of moving into this building but worried about beg bugs. How likely is it that my unit could have a problem with bed bugs

Have lived here for 2 years, and so far so good. A friend in 40 Alexander got them, but building management was quite proactive about treatment. In fact it was them who notified him that his unit was probably affected due to an infestation in a neighbouring unit. If you want to live downtown, bedbugs are a reality you HAVE to be aware of, and may have to deal with. What is most important is the building management's proactivity, and it must be said that the Village Green is very well managed

and maintained.

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I am thinking of moving into this building. Are the bedbugs gone?

unit sprayed in october, more sprays to come in november. they aren't leaving.

4 units sprayed for bed bugs at the beginning of May 2010

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