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March 2015
I am thinking about this building but am TERRIFIED of the possibility of bedbugs.
Can anyone comment on the current status?

Bed bugs still in the building. Don't move in! My gf and I are in process of moving out. It's an ongoing problem they cant get rid of.

up date from my post 01/16/2011

it is now 02/22/2012. it has been over a yea since i have had any issues with bed bugs. Even longer since i Have seen a roach. The property management is great when dealing with pest issues. They will do what they can and will treat u every time a complaint is made. I moved in in 2010, was treated 7 times for various things in the first year. 4 of which were Done as part of a total building fumigation of all bugs. This is an old buildng and yes with a h

igh turn over rate bugs are bound to happen. As long as u keep the management informed, they will help

while reading the past posts this evening, yes it is true thin walls thin floors... but that will be true in any old building that is not concreet based.

this site is about reporting bug issues, not to rant about other things.

That being said.... I am happy to report,that i have been bug free for over a year.

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First started getting bites on August. The bites got really bad at the end of the month and I had to live out of the apartment. Landlords fumigated it TWICE, then I moved back in.
Several days after moving back in, I found another bedbug, so the landlords fumigated it for the THIRD time.

A week after, I found another bedbug crawling on my desk.

DON'T move here. It's cheap and pretty and convenient, but spare yourself the health risks and the hassle. I had to chuck more than half my st


The landlords are a couple and CAN be nice, but on the days you catch the wife on a bad day, she won't be very civil nor professional either. She was only nice when she was giving us the viewing of the apartment (blamed ME for carrying the bugs, when the fumigators are there all the time. Everytime I ask her to fumigate she always says "Oh, I can have them come in on this day because they're coming in for another person too"...)

I wish I checked this site before I rented.

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Don't move here! I'm having major issues with cockroaches and spiders, despite my keeping the place tidy and clean. The landlords are great and try to treat the place but nothing seems to work. One fell on my cutting board when I was cooking, and I had a guest over!

Also, noise is a factor, there is no privacy! I can hear neighbours having sex (really embarrassing when guests are over), and sounds (like squeaky wood floors) when walking from the above apartment are annoying!

Update from 11/04/2010. I've found a new place to live and will be moving out shortly. On that date I'll have had bedbugs for 6 months. Literally everything I own I've either thrown out, or will be put in storage for 2 years, and I'll start again from scratch in a new apartment.

I did so much research and put 100% effort into everything that was recommended-- all the laundry, belongings in contrator bags, changing sheets twice a week, caulking, diatemaceous earth, throwing out my couch, matt

ress and furniture, many baseboard inspections with a blowdryer, etc. There were 4 professional pesticide treatments paid for by the landlord, but they didn't work.

Bottom line, this building is very old and wooden with extremely thin walls. Moving into this building is a huge risk. Save yourself the despair, the wasted time and energy-- don't live here.

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woke up 2 night, found a bug crawling around on the back of my neck, i jumpd up turned on the light and found that the bed had about 4 more crawling around.

I noticed about a month ago that i was getting bites, but people keept telling me that they were not bed bug bites, looks like they were wrong as i confirmed the bites.

I have been treated in the past, when i submitted the concern to the supers (the start of the bites)

I don't know what to do any more.....

Started getting bites at the end of September and immediately suspected the problem... what a nightmare. After asking around, turns out many apartments in this old wooden building have bedbugs and I most likely got them from the unit below me.

The new landlords organized a full-building treatment throughout October... they seem to be educated about just how difficult it is to deal with bedbugs. And they agreed to continue treatments until hopefully the problem is solved. One of them mentione

d the infestation existed when they took over in late 2009 and probably never went away until now.

Currently the problem has not been resolved

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Bedbugs have been a problem for more than a year now at this building. At first they sprayed my apartment, and they went away for a month or two.. But since the entire building was infected, eventually all units were treated. I had no problems again for a few months, but recently they appeared again.. And now I'm moving (the bugs are not the sole reason for my move, there are other issues here..) I just hope I can convince the super to schedule a treatment before I move, so I don't take these lo

vely little animals with me.

Last night I caught 4 of them at around 2AM, and I felt really victorious! But I'm sure there's more where they came from..

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I first discovered the infestation in March 2008 and reported it to building management. I believe at the time approximately 4 other units in the building had reported problems as well and treatment had commenced. I took the necessary steps according to a fact sheet provided by building management and my place was sprayed within a week. The treatment worked for a while, but the problem recurred over the next few months. It was a serious infestation, I\'d wake up some nights, turn on the ligh

t and kill a dozen or so blood-filled bugs as they attempted to scatter. At some point all units in the building were sprayed, I had my place treated 4 different times before I vacated in fall 2008. On the day I was moving I still found live bugs on a couple items of furniture in the middle of the day as I was preparing to discard them.

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I kept waking up with bites all over my body. As i did research i realized these bites were from bed bugs...I\'m currently trying to resolve the problem.

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