50 Alexander St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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I've been visiting 50 Alexander Street on the 5th floor for almost 2 years (since Sept 2011). I never had problems, until about few months ago, about March 2013. I started to get bites. My other 6-7 friends did not receive any bites, until one of my other friends reported bites too.

Sometimes I get one bite on a limb or appendage, or sometimes I get clusters of bites. My friend has similar bites.

The problem is getting worse, we've been getting bites all the time now. It's time to get

the treatment completed here.

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Are there any cockroach or bedbug reports?

I'm looking at possibly renting an apartment here. Any new of activity?

Bed bugs in unit on the 5th floor. August 2008.

Bed Bugs reported on the 20th floor by new tenants. Move-in was delayed until exterminators cleaned the apartment.

No nearby bug reports