44 Huntley St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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A very close family member currently lives at 44 Huntley. There have not been any problems in the last 12 months with bed bugs or any other bugs.

Has anyone encountered any incidents at 44 Huntley lately?

I am the landlord for 44 Huntley and am very appriciative to the former tenant for this complimentary report. It is in our interest to take bed bugs very seriously and have treated repeatedly as a result - including prevention for non affected apartments. Our tenants were wonderfully cooperative resulting in no further incident in recent months. We continue to monitor.

There was a bedbug infestation in my apartment and in the neighbouring apartments of my building in December of 2009.

That said, the building management was prompt in their response to the matter and were serious about informing all residents and fumigating the building.

I required 3x seperate fumigations and never encountered a further incident.

I am no longer a resident at 44 Huntley and hope this building has remained incident free.


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