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any one moved recently or any new report?


I am thinking of moving here. Most of the reports are from 2010-2011. Anyone living there now can give me some info?

I moved into a unit on the 4th floor on July 1st of 2010 and ended up moving out exactly one month later. After 2 weeks of living there I noticed mosquito-like bites in clusters on various areas of my body. I had never heard of bedbugs so it didn't occur to me that that was what I was experiencing. However, after doing my research, I frantically looked under my mattress one day and lo and behold I immediately saw 3 live bedbugs!

I ran down to the superintendent's office and told her righ

t away. She nonchalantly explained that my unit had been sprayed 4 times in the past for the same problem! A huge shock! They sent an exterminator to spray my unit the next day. However, after a conversation with someone from Toronto Public Health, in order for the problem to be eliminated all the units AROUND the unit in question also need to be treated or the bedbugs will go to other areas of the building only to return again. Gowan Property management was treating the problem ineffectively on a case by case basis. Over the next week or so, I saw at least 15-20 more bedbugs - some dead, some alive - and I began taking pictures of everything I saw.

When I was leaving the building one day to go to work, there was someone waiting outside to be shown a unit. I told him to run while he could and that this building was infested. He thanked me and ran for the hills. But when the superintendent found out, she scolded me and said that I had already caused enough problems!

Later that day while doing Laundry, I ran into another tenant and asked her if she had experienced anything. She said she had been dealing with bedbugs on and off in this building for OVER A YEAR!

Needless to say, I moved out August 1st after more than $600 dollars in laundry bills and had to kiss more than $3000 worth of furniture goodbye and did not receive any rent money back.

I filed a complaint with small claims and took Gowan Property Management to court a few months later. I show the the mitigator all the photos and evidence I had and showed him bank statements of how much money this ordeal had cost me, not to mention the psychological trauma I experienced thereafter and continue to experience today, and their lawyer LAUGHED AT ME. After which he answered his cell phone and proceeded to have a chat with a friend about this new chick he was dating. No joke. My lease was eventually terminated but I never saw any of that money ever again.

Save yourself the money, stress, and time this could cost you and go find somewhere else to live. Gowan Property Management is EVIL and the superintendents withhold information so they can cash their pretty bonus cheque for successfully renting out all the units. Personally, I think this building should be condemned because it is frankly not livable.

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That apartment that sat empty for 2 months was mine. It was the last apartment on the top floor to be infested with bedbugs and I lost all of my furniture.

Leave while you can.

If you are looking to move into the building- TAKE CAUTION!!

In June of 2010, I came TWICE to look at an available apartment- knowing that bedbugs are becoming quite the problem in downtown Toronto, I very specifically asked (ON BOTH OCCASIONS!) if the unit or building have ever had problems with bedbugs- and both times the superintendent replied that there was never a problem.

Convinced, I moved myself and brand-new furniture into the apartment in August. (The apartment had been sitting e

mpty for 2 month). As I would soon find out- the apartment and entire floor of units had an ongoing bedbug problem. Despite sitting empty- the building management had taken no initiative to spray the unit prior to my arrival and thus begun my 4 month battle with bedbugs.

From August-November, I pestered the building management and had the unit sprayed almost every 2 weeks- with little success. I spent over $400 in laundry expenses, store-bought pesticides, and caulking to fix floor cracks.

Finally in November, there were no more bedbugs.
In September, I ended up filing a legal complaint against Gowan Property Management for negligent property management, and unethical renting. Despite an official letters from my lawyer, they responded once that they could not be held responsible for the problems I had to deal with, and then ignored further letters after this.

It is March now, thankfully still no bedbugs- however the problem does not seem to be solved in other units, so I'm paranoid they'll be back. I will hopefully be moving soon and I'd suggest to take severe caution before moving here!

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I moved into this building in September without knowing that there was a bed bug infestation during the summer until a neighbor recently informed me of it. I got bed bugs in mid oct/nov 2010, and requested for an exterminator, and ended up paying for the visit. Then they randomly came back in March 2011 and it seems as though only my unit had them. I searched for them and found them under my bed once again, I told the landlords and there were in disbelief that they were back. Feeling disappointe

d that I may have to pay for an exterminator again, I called Toronto health and safety and the landlords got mad at me. I urge people to stay away from this building to avoid waking up in the morning with 10+ bites all over your body.

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these apartments are infested with bed bugs. it is criminal to even rent them out. landords are dealing with everything on a case-by-case basis rather than spraying the entire building. this just encourages the beg bugs to go to other units. everyone who has or has had a problem should file a report with the rental board and with toronto public health. this is the only way this problem will be addressed the way it should be.

I've been getting bites for about a month and was hoping to god it wasn't bed bugs. Regardless, I bought generic crawling bug spray and sprayed my baseboards and mattress and couch. I also put diatomaceous earth around the baseboards of the entire unit. I've found four dead bedbugs since I've done this, whereas I had never seen a single bug before.
I've informed the landlords and they were very accommodating and told me they'd have someone in straight away to spray the unit.
I've lived here f

or 3 years with no problems until now, and even this problem is a small one (one or two bites a night). Unfortunately I think these things come part and parcel with living in a heavily populated, downtown area.
This building has been a great place to live until this incident, and the landlords were more than happy to aid in the remedy of this problem.
Hopefully the spraying will help keep them at bay.

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I reported a few months ago, the landlords took care of it right away and i had two tretments done on my place and sent in my laundry and blankets to get cleaned (i had to pay for that though) but they took care of the exterminator. They didnt give me any problems what so ever and was really friendly about it all, its now been about 3 months and i havnt had any back. All thats left now are all the scars on my legs!!!

Any updates from infested people?? I live in the building, no signs of bugs in my apartment yet, but the thought is freaking me out!!

I had bed bugs here and I tried everything to get rid of them!

I finally got my own exterminator here in Toronto and I also used that bed bug laundry service Bugs'R'Gone Laundry.

Abell pest control was really great. They couldn't come for three days but they sprayed twice and seemed to get rid of the problem.

Using the laundry service was a good idea, it wasn't what you would call inexpensive but it was worth it because it would have taken me three weeks to do all that laundry myself an

d they treat it properly so it was worth it. They were very knowledgable too.

Abell is a good company, they've been around forever and they knew what they were doing.

Good luck out there!

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I have been breaking out in rashes everywhere, and when somone told me about bed bugs, i searched the bed and it was pretty infested. it is a brand new mattress, just bought when i moved in 3 months ago, and new linen. I feel them crawling all over, and my arms and legs are covered in bites. I washed the matress cover and it was full of bugs!!! I m waiting to tell the landlord because they are not anywhere to be found right now!

This building is infested with bed bugs please stay away from the top floors

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