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Toronto, ON M4Y
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I'm looking to purchase a unit in this building. From these postings there hasn't been any reports since 2012. Does anyone know of any bedbug or cockroach problems in the last 2 years? Your help and honesty is greatly appreciated.

40 homewood has them crawling on the walls of the 8th floor and 6th floor - recently there was 3 floors affected in the building because of one unit. there is and has always been bedbugs at homewood because of all the rentals - transients who live there.
the board is not on top of it either (or they are just embarrassed) at the situation.

We just moved in this october and love this building. our unit is clean as well as the building..we have never encountered any bedbugs or cockroaches and i find it very hard to believe they are in this building( well our unit defintiely).

I have been an owner and lived at 40 Homewood for over 10 years on the 12th floor. I have not seen any bedbugs on my floor and I have not heard of any neighbours with problems on my floor.

I hear of neighbours on other floors having had them and the pest control people come in and spray immediately.

Management is very good at keeping this Toronto problem under control in our building.

I have seen people bring in discarded furniture from the trash. Thankfully I have not seen them br

ing in any mattresses or box springs. Even an old television or dresser can contain bed bugs so just be carefulnot to bring in anythignthat was thrown away - despite howbeautiful it may look.

Living in downtown Toronto it is inevitable we will all encounter some bed bug issue and we (owners/tenants/management) just need to be proactive in addressing them as they arise.

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i cant believe this about 40 homewood, i have lived on the 7th floor for 7 years as a tenant and never seen bedbugs or heard of bed bugs. maybe people travel and bring them in theirselves and want to blame others

if there were not so many tenants at homewood this probably would not happen and the tenant who reported this on the page may want out of his lease and making excuses.

who knows
but to date i have not seen bedbugs on the 7th floor.

Bed bugs on 7th floor. It's the third time in the past 12 months . different units

Bed bugs on 7th floor. It's the third time in the past 12 months . different units

I'm shocked to read a poster here saying that if you feel mentally traumatized (after infestation) there was something wrong with you mentally in the first place.

In case anyone read that and took it to heart - don't listen to him! Feeling anxious or even traumatized after having an infestation is NOT an abnormal or weird thing. Its completely natural to feel this way after finding bed bugs. I'm not saying its *good* to feel that way, but don't feel bad that you do.

Hopefully if you f

eel this way it will fade over time. Just remember that these things don't carry diseases and do not cause illnesses/are not fatal. The only medical risk is that you may scratch the bites too hard and get a skin infection that leads to something worse. This is the same risk involved with mosquito bites, if you scratch them too hard they can get infected.

If you feel really nervous/anxious and can't live with that stress, talk to your doctor about it. Anxiety and depression don't just appear in people who were "already mentally off", it can happen to anyone after being traumatized.

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Moved out of this building just recently due to bugs. I am a very clean person, I do not leave dishes or other dirt around, and even seal and dispose of my garbage regularly. The problem is that I was next to the garbage chute. In my three years there I had a bedbug infestation and saw many baby cockroaches, especially towards the end when I moved out. They need some bug control in the building.

Wow, to think you people are my neighbours! What a lousy (haha) way to treat each other. Just because one unit hasn't had them doesn't mean another hasn't. The last poster is right: be vigilant. We are in the middle of a very dense neighbourhood where bedbugs abound - just look at the sightings on this very website. It would be naive to think that this building could stay immune while the whole community around us teams with the little suckers.

And as one who has had the misfortune of li

ving through a bedbug nightmare (not in this building but close by) I can tell you that it does indeed take a terrible toll on you, mentally and physically. I was covered in bites on my arms and legs, slept in a lazyboy chair for a month until I could move out of the unit, could barely get any rest for thinking they were crawling on me the minute I closed my eyes... And the financial toll was incredible, what with new matresses and linens, having to move, throwing so much stuff out. And lastly was the stress of dealing with the building management which went into denial and didn't want to acknowledge a problem in case it kept other renters away. How backwards is that?

So, to all of us at 40 Homewood, let's keep the insults to a dull roar, presume best intentions, and not use this site to air our personal grievances! This should be a place to get objective information about BEDBUGS!

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I live at 40 Homewood and encountered them twice in the 5+ years that I have been there. Be vigilant and they go away. To go as far as to say that it has affected your mental health would only lead me to believe that perhaps you were already lacking mental stability. It\'s a major city people get over it or go live in the country.

As the last posts we too have been a happy resident of 40 homewood for the last 4 plus years. We have never even seen a bedbug- or any other bug in our unit. We purchaced our unit last year after renting there for three years, feeling it was an amazing location and a bargan in terms of space location and facilities. We cannot praise the mainteneace and new management company enough as they have been great, and the condo board is keen on improving the buildings already good condition.


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I have been a resident of 40 Homewood ave for over 6 years, and find it to be one of the best kept, and maintained buildings i have ever lived in. I have never had a bug problem of any kind, bedbug, roach ant or flee- which is saying allot in Toronto. It is no co-incidence that most tenants here, rental or owners, have been at this address for many years. Amazing location, great facilities, quiet and safe.
as superman says this infestation is probably cause by personal living conditions , rathe

r than any real problem with the building.
i am and will be a member of this awesome building for many years to come.

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This is a newly renovated building that is spotlessly clean. It is well maintained and all the owners that I am familiar with (very many) DO NOT have bugs of any discription in their units. An excellent building that anyone should be proud to live in.

So I have been looking at a place in this building to rent, looks incredible, good price, good location, but the ad has been popping back up on craigslist for months now.
I am very happy I did some research on the building before signing on the dotted line.
1 bedbug issue = freak accident, bad choices by tenant/owner.
8-10 bedbug issues = dirty building with an infestation.

I believe the responsibility falls on the management/ownership of building.

word of mouth is big in the real

estate industry.

Good luck with the bugs Homewooders.


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They are in my apartment as well. Discovered them last week and have been steaming and doing laundry. Purchased a brand new bed when we moved in, so we know that we did not bring them.

September 16, 2008

My husband and I own a condo at 40 Homewood Avenue, 3rd Floor, and 2 months ago we got bedbugs. We just got a handle on them a week ago - and are still battling any recurrence. Because we threw out our bed as soon as we were 90% sure what the problem was - we ended up with a minor infestation - which cost us about $2,500 and weeks of vacuuming, laundry, 2 sprayings, caulking, painting, and throwing out a bunch of linen, and furniture - we still have diatomaceous earth and

deep steam cleaning to go.
Mattress encasements are a must - they zip up around the mattress and box spring (both must have them) - and cost $160 each from Sleep Country (only $45 in the States but no-one in the States that I could find ships to Canada). Entimology labs have tested six companies that sell mattress encasements. "Protect-A-Bed" - the ones Sleep Country sells - were one of three that passed all tests. They have a special "BugLock" zipper so the bedbugs cannot get out through the zipper (if they are in your bed already) - and new bugs cannot get in - so makes it easy to see any new bedbug action.
We've ordered "diatomaceous earth" from a web-site in Vermont - it's a naturally occurring fine powder resulting from millenia of pulverized shells, skeletons, rocks - and is used for many industrial uses - the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth must be used - it is harmless to pets and humans and no bed bug survives, because they cannot develop a resistance. All the blogs I've read swear by this stuff - once it's spread it's a permanent solution (remember that pests can only be controlled - they're all around us). It does affect the psyche - different people react differently - but all of us are creeped out by it - and immediate action is required. Fighting the little buggers has to be a war on all fronts at once - with the first action being "protect your bed" - and you will win!

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I just discovered my unit is infested (Aug 18, 2008). I'm on the 20th floor. My unit was inspected last year and was bug free, I checked again about 6 months ago and didn't see any. I'm not sure where they came from but its a problem for the building.

Superman = Superdumb
A typo gives you the right to question what I had to go through ??? His name is RON and he is complete A****le !!! and so are you !

I have owned my L\'espirit suite for 6 years.
Have been to all condo meetings and THIS is the very first time I have even heard a possibiltiy of infestation of any sort.
More then 90 % of the suites are owned and lived in by the owner/ or extended family member, resulting a very small renting availablity.
Darren must be completely confused or bitter.
As for Bed Bugs, Darren should have bought new furniture when he sublet the place (WHERE HE GOT CAUGHT AND HAD TO LEAVE GOT BITTER AND POST

ED THIS)but proably opted out and went dumpster diving for his bedroom set. Resulting his new bed friends.
As for a Tom [email protected]%Tface he mentioned ... There is no Tom, there was no Tom, and I can tell you 100% that the 2 years he was subletting, Tom never exisited. Just bitter that he got caught and have to leave a great place.
Hope Darren was able to really figure out what those rashes are ??? poor neighbours he moves next too. cause you know he is bringing all his things.

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Bed bug infestation in my apt here. Began September


Cross posted from the incorrect address:

"I am a condo owner, it was my dream to own my own home. Unfortunately, that dream has turned into a nightmare. Since September 2007 I have been battling with bedbugs. This seems to be one of the worst experiences of my life. Combined with day-to-day activities, battling bed bugs has taken a toll on my nerves and mental health. I now feel that the only solution is to get rid of all my possessions, sell my unit and move. Not an ideal situation for someo

ne that was hoping to retire in 3 years. I find talking with other people about this situation, difficult. Some people have cut me off completely for fear of getting the bed bugs. I am terrified of giving them to someone. I do not feel The Department of Health is taking this situation seriously enough. I believe this issue seriously effects indivduals emotional and physical well-being. The address of the building is: 40 Homewood Avenue Toronto ON"

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