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Toronto, ON M4Y

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DEC 14, 2012
I've finally confirmed that my unit has a bed bug infestation. I began getting bites all over my body earlier this week. And doing my own research have concluded that I do in fact have bed bugs.
I placed a call into my management office today. But apparently they close early on Friday's. So I called the after hours Action Line, and they informed me that they cannot help and I have to wait until Monday to contact the office directly.

Just as an FYI - I have been living in 40 Ale

xander for 6 months now, and have NEVER had bed bugs before.
So I can only come to one conclusion. They are living in the building (which is clearly infested), and were already infested when I moved in. They could do a better job of spraying before new tenants move in, and sealing all baseboards etc.

The thought of having to wait two more days is disgusting, and I don't even want to live here anymore. I really hope they act quickly when I call Monday morning.

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I've lived here for two years and have never experienced bed bugs. My boyfriend has been here for almost 5 and also has never had any reports. The building management is very quick to respond. I have a huge paranoia of bed bugs and just because I wanted to get rid of that paranoia they sent in an inspector to put my mind at ease. If you're considering moving in, you shouldn't worry. You'll learn very quickly here that if something happens, all of the tenants know about it.

Yes me too, I am thinking about this building but am TERRIFIED of the possibility of bedbugs.
Can anyone comment on the current status?

Hi. I am thinking of moving to this building or 55 maitland with my partner. We are worried about the bed bugs issue. Can anyone tell us if the bed bug issue still exists? Thanks

After reporting the presence of bed bugs in our apartment no. 504, the landlord sent an exterminator and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this would keep away or totally wipe out these suckers...

I live in Toronto at 40 Alexander St,apt 1505. It was Thursday, December 17,2009 at approx 8:30am when I decided I would get my laundry out of the way. From the top right corner of my mattress I began to peel away the fitted sheet as well as the fitted mattress cover(not encasement). I discovered a bunch of squirming bugs with all kinds of black dots all over the corner of the mattress and on the mattress cover. Needless to say, I freaked out. I knew instantly that they were bedbugs. My ap

artment is always kept very clean and organized so it appears as though they were all gathered in my mattress and box spring. I contacted the building management and arranged for an exterminator the next day. I threw out the contaminated linens and leaned the box spring and mattress against the wall for treatment. After 28 hours of properly preparing my place the exterminator came in and did his treatment. Five hours later I returned to my apartment to put my things away. Not wanting to sleep on that mattress again I slept on my sofa making sure that any leftover bugs could not gain access from the surrounding floor and walls. I have not seen a trace of them for about 9 days but can't get over the paranoia I now have in my own apartment. I clean and vacuum my place constantly and can't figure out where they came from. My guess is that I had them for about 2 months. They must have been biting me because they were leaving dark dots all over my mattress but I can't find any marks on my body.

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